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EID - Legco Issues 2017
EIDPMO's list of LegCo issues from 2017, organised by topic, and their status throughout the year
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march 2018 by hazm8
Ain Bandial on Twitter
Summary of Youth Dialogue discussion points.

Tweet: "Youth dialogue with #Brunei LegCo youth rep Khairunissa Ashari @kyeeee https://t.co/9PEVYfmIUm"

[Thread can also be read at: https://tttthreads.com/t/835040987185455104]
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september 2017 by hazm8

橘兒專輯【Voyage-Asia Best】→
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may 2013 by yellowcandle
[政府宣傳片] 1991年 - 選舉事務處 (立法局首次直選9月15日投票就是力量) - YouTube
1st direct election: Voting is Power. RT : [政府宣傳片] 1991年 - 選舉事務處 (立法局首次直選9月15日投票就是力量)
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september 2012 by yellowcandle
www.margaretng.com/download/Annual Report/MNG_REPORT_2012.pdf
The Hon. LegCo Councillor Margaret Ng's Final Report 2011-2012
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august 2012 by yellowcandle
明報新聞網-港聞-港聞--「一鋪牌已千萬」 詹培忠﹕立會不值得我出席-20120209
: 「一鋪牌已千萬」 詹培忠﹕立會不值得我出席 ” / 再次驗證「功能組別」何等冚家鏟。
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february 2012 by yellowcandle
曾 蔭 權 指 黃 毓 民 發 言 無 禮 貌 拒 回 應 跟 進 提 問
曾蔭權指黃毓民發言無禮貌 拒回應跟進提問 - RTHK 2010-07-13 (網友:嘩!好大既官威呀!)
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july 2010 by yellowcandle

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