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Here are 380 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free
The 8 Ivy League schools are among the most prestigious colleges in the world. They include Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia Universities, and the University of Pennsylvania. All these universities offer free online courses across multiple online course platforms. These courses are know as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.
So far, they’ve created around 500 courses, of which around 380 are still active. Class Central has made a collection of all these, which you can explore below. I’ve split these courses into the following categories: Computer Science, Programming, Business & Management, Humanities, Art & Design, Science, Health & Medicine, Mathematics, Education & Teaching and Engineering.
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Command Line Heroes
An original podcast by Red Hat about the people who transform technology from the command line up presented by Saron Yitbarek. Command Line Heroes tells the epic true tales of how developers, programmers, hackers, geeks, and open source rebels are revolutionizing the technology landscape. Saron Yitbarek is a developer and the founder of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. She hosts 2 other fantastic shows: CodeNewbie Podcast and Base.cs Podcast.
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The most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. CodeNewbie started as a weekly TwitterChat to connect people learning to code by Saron Yitbarek. Since then it's grown into a supportive, international community of people learning to code. Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Email saron@codenewbie.org.
source: https://saron.io
twitter: http://twitter.com/codenewbies
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