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Nothing else is working on this cough. Time to try some Purple Drank.
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9 days ago by docrock
Reorder your Chain of Beliefs with a leaner Lean Canvas
Ties IDEO's trio for feasibility analysis to a simpler lean canvas (Customer and Problem only).
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15 days ago by jeromekatz
Focusing on Business Outcomes at Barclays: Overcoming the "Urgency Paradox"
Spreading lean software in an enterprise:

- Get stakeholders to think in terms of the end-to-end value stream, not just piece parts.
- Break down big programs and strategies into smaller parts, down to a month.

Makes sense.
lean  cases  digitaltransformation  valuestreams 
29 days ago by cote
3 Questions to Ask During Standup to Keep Speed a Priority | LeanKit
1. What work hasn’t moved or updated as expected?
2. What is keeping you from finishing your work?
3. Are you doing any work that is not reflected on the board?
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4 weeks ago by genome

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