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NCR on an EWTN interview with Bannon
Bannon discussed the sex abuse crisis — "leave the theology aside, leave the dogma aside" — and predicted the Catholic Church would be liquidated financially in the years ahead as the federal government pursues Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, investigations. He said the only remedy was for the laity to step up, "conservative Catholics and progressives, leave your politics aside," and essentially take over all administrative functions of the church. It is worrisome to see him parrot the talking points of the Napa Institute so effectively. And, like them, his constant invocations to "leave aside" important tradition and convictions makes me think that he is the kind of zealot who thinks anyone who disagrees with him must have bad motives or some kind of invincible ignorance, so clear is the truth of his worldview. Such zeal is profoundly dangerous.
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8 days ago by seatrout
The Future of the Eastern Mediterranean Tarek Osman
A key outcome of the seven years war in Syria is that the close cooperation between the Assad regime (commanding the official Syrian army), Hezbollah, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has evolved into a strong alliance and a united front. As a result, in Israel’s coming attempt to significantly weaken Iran’s presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, it will face the combined military capabilities of the three players. This confrontation will be bloody, highly disruptive to civilians (i...
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8 days ago by seatrout
Lex in depth: can Snap survive? | Financial Times
Snap brims with so many ideas that it tends to make its competitors look slow and tired. Features like augmented reality rainbow vomiting clouds painted over videos and photos were an instant hit.
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8 days ago by seatrout
RT : So proud of this group from . Future surgeon scientist . Soon to be fellowship grads from…
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9 days ago by benferguson
Where Pedestrian Deaths Are Up, Is Marijuana to Blame? - The New York Times
Pedestrian deaths in traffic accidents have reached levels not seen in years, and a safety group has sought to explain why. It has identified several possible causes, like digital distractions and an increase in driving. Now it has added another: marijuana.

Over the first six months of 2017, pedestrian fatalities rose sharply from a year earlier in states that had legalized recreational marijuana, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. In the rest of the country, suc...
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9 days ago by seatrout
Five things we learnt from Uber’s IPO prospectus | Financial Times
Uber will offer ample employment opportunities for lawyers for years to come. Among the legal risks it points to: “a number of inquiries, investigations and requests for information” coming from the US Department of Justice, along with other agencies from the US and other countries. One DoJ case is investigating potential improper payments made in several countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, China and India.

The company also has a tidal wave of claims from drivers who argue they should be treated as employees rather than contractors. In the US, that includes more than 60,000 people who have made, or intend to make, demands for arbitration. At a filing fee of $1,500 for each case, even the costs of dealing with the cases could mount up.

Uber set aside $1.1bn in 2018 to meet penalties and settlements.

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11 days ago by seatrout
Google's Play Store is packed with nasty, violent games aimed at kids | WIRED UK
Mad Max Zombies, an Android first-person shooter full of spurting blood, disturbing imagery of walking corpses and realistic firearms, was rated by its creator as Pegi 3 – a rating that's considered suitable for all age groups, with no sounds or pictures that are likely to frighten young children and only the mildest, most childlike depictions of violence.

It’s just one gory example of a growing problem. The Play Store is full of apps that defy Google's age rating policy and filtering tools. Some of these games have been installed millions of times. After we sent Google a sample of 36 games with inappropriate content for their ratings and a further 16 with other forms of dubious content and permissions, including some which tracked the location of users, 16 games have so far either been entirely removed or re-released with revised ratings and permissions.

The Play Store is big business for Google. The company takes a 30 per cent cut of all purchases, subscriptions and microtransaction payments on the store, with its share of subscription fees dropping to 15 per cent after 12 months. It also runs the AdMod advertising placement portal that allows developers to monetise free apps. Although it's hard to break out exactly how much Google makes from the Play Store, Sensor Tower statistics show that Android mobile game revenue added up to a total $21.5 billion in 2018.
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13 days ago by seatrout
Facebook are 'morally bankrupt liars' says New Zealand's privacy commissioner | Technology | The Guardian
New Zealand’s privacy commissioner has lashed out at social media giant Facebook in the wake of the Christchurch attacks, calling the company “morally bankrupt pathological liars”.

The commissioner used his personal Twitter page to lambast the social network, which has also drawn the ire of prime minister Jacinda Ardern for hosting a livestream of the attacks that left 50 dead, which was then copied and shared all over the internet.

“Facebook cannot be trusted,” wrote Edwards.

Online hate threatens us all. Platforms can and must do more to eradicate it
Dan Hett
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“They are morally bankrupt pathological liars who enable genocide (Myanmar), facilitate foreign undermining of democratic institutions.
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15 days ago by seatrout
Extremism definition fails Clarkson test: Government gave up on laws to fight ideology because it's 'too difficult'
The Government has abandoned creating laws to tackle extremism because it is “too difficult” as their last attempt would have even criminalised Jeremy Clarkson, the former reviewer of terrorism laws has said.

Lord Anderson QC said previous attempts to tackle dangerous ideology before it develops into terrorist acts have been too broad and would have made legitimate political and religious activity illegal.

The definition of extremism adopted by the Government, he argues, is “broad and ill-defined” and inventing laws against it is “what they do in Russia and it is no model to follow”.
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16 days ago by seatrout
The Long, Lonely Road of Chelsea Manning - The New York Times
horrible details of her confinement, for use on leader. Amount to torture
25 days ago by seatrout
Can we all chill out about cannabis? Not quite yet | Judith Grisel | Opinion | The Guardian
The primary difference between THC and our brain’s own cannabinoids is dosing. Neurotransmission occurs in a targeted, local manner appropriate to specific demands. After using cannabis, all brain circuits are flooded with THC, so the process of sorting meaning from the mundane is disrupted. Everyday occurrences such as eating a meal, listening to music, watching television or driving a car become soaked with import. For someone with hearty neural connections who is resilient to stress, this can be a real treat, but for those whose ability to cope and sort is naturally less robust, including those with a susceptibility schizophrenia, it can be a threat.

Well designed, placebo-controlled studies on cannabis are still lacking. In particular, we need more research to distinguish between the effects of THC and those of CBD. The latter compound counteracts the effects of THC and has therapeutic promise for a number of health conditions. There seems no reason therefore not to make CBD widely available, but plenty to suggest careful consideration before embracing THC.

We are swept up in a backlash against overly restrictive and unscientific regulation of cannabis. While it is well past time to loosen restrictions, promote research and consider the data that emerges, the Lancet study provides evidentiary warning about the inherent dangers – to some – of our quest to mitigate reality.
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29 days ago by seatrout
In Uttar Pradesh, the third Modi wave is as strong as 2014 and 2017
The SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh, despite its strong caste arithmetic, is unable to woo any of Narendra Modi’s voters.The Lok Sabha seat share of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttar Pradesh increased from 10 in 2009 to 71 in 2014. Apart from the Modi wave, this stupendous rise came on the back of non-Yadav OBCs: Small caste communities you don’t hear of in the headlines. Their caste names go by Bind, Mallah, Nishad, Kevat, Prajapati, Maurya, Sonar, Pal, Kushwaha and so on.It helps the BJP that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is himself identified with one such community: Teli.Their block as a whole could be more than 30 per cent of UP’s population: This large chunk used to be divided among different parties. Since 2014, it has not been with the BJP. It has been with Modi.Recent military tensions with Pakistan are only one of many reasons why Modi continues to be popular with the lower OBCs. For the upper castes, the BJP’s core supporters, it has addressed their flagging enthusiasm.The blame for the Modi government’s failings always goes to someone else, including the state government. So it was bank officials who were to blame for the failure of demonetisation, not the “good-intentioned” Modi.It is the “corrupt” sarpanch who’s making sure someone is not receiving the reimbursement for making a toilet under Swachh Bharat. It is the local bureaucracy that is making sure someone is excluded from the PM-KISAN list of beneficiaries.In the end, everything boils down to this: Modi is the only national leader, warts and all, who these voters feel can run the country. Nobody else appears prime ministerial.
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5 weeks ago by thomas.kochi

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