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What’s Better Than 40 GPU-based Computers? A Computer With 40 GPUs
Engineers aim to use “silicon interconnect fabric” to build a computer with 40 GPUs on a single silicon wafer
wafer  scale  integration  latency  trilogy  systems  IEEE 
7 days ago by Bluyssae
Little’s Law- An insight on the relation between latency and throughput | Flux7
> The basic relationship between latency and throughput within a stable system—one that is not ramping up and down—is defined by a simple equation called Little’s Law:
> occupancy = latency x throughput
latency  littleslaw 
9 days ago by nwjsmith
Cake -
Seemingly the currently most popular answer to reducing bufferbloat-induced latency
networking  bufferbloat  queueing  latency  router 
10 days ago by michielbuddingh
Amazon: Why do we measure latency in percentiles?
If you're wondering what "P-four-nines" means, it's the latency at the 99.99th percentile, meaning only one in 10,000 requests has a worse latency. Why do we measure latency in percentiles?

A thread about how how it came to be at Amazon...
performance  latency  statistics  webeng  webengineering  cloudcomputing  amazon  aws 
18 days ago by jevon

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