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Toys R us last visit - Bye Hope you come back!!
Toys R us last visit is a last day for toy hunting. It will be a heart breaking for all kids from across the country. Bye hope you come back again
Toys  R  us  last  visit  bye  hope  you  come  back  kids  video  sad  toy  hunting  hauling 
9 days ago by ChoCho12
Can you stop related videos showing at the end of your YouTube video? - YouTube ;;;
tags: Can you stop related videos showing at the end of your YouTube video? - | video HowTo How to freeze on last frame an embedded ;;;

How do you stop related videos from showing on YouTube videos after they've played? This is a question from Nigel Wilkinson from WNW Design.
The simple answer to this is that on YouTube, you can't.

YouTube owns the site, it sets the rules, and it will show you after the video has played, any videos that it thinks are related to your video by keyword.

It will also show down the right hand side all the time, any other videos that it thinks are related. However, there is good news, because on your website, if you're embedding your YouTube video, you can change this.

When you use the "Share" tab on YouTube to get what's called the embed code by default, there's a tick box underneath which says, "Show related videos after my video has played." What you can do is, if you can untick this, it will change the code that you then use to embed the video on your website. And that means when the video has finished playing, it won't show any related, and possibly competitor videos.
Can  you  stop  related  videos  showing  at  the  end  of  your  YouTube  video?  -  |  video  HowTo  How  to  freeze  on  last  frame  an  embedded 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Luke Skywalker Isn’t Supposed to Be “Nice” |
It’s that time again. Time for me to talk about Luke Skywalker—Jedi Master, colorful milk enthusiast, champion spear fisherman, galactic treasure—and the multitude of ways that he continues to be generally fabulous while no one notices. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  movies  star  wars  the  last  jedi 
10 weeks ago by iomadh

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