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Way That You're Thrilling Me, The
Summary: Sometimes he wondered if everyone was pretending. Alphas were smelly and cocky and mostly arseholes, in Harry’s experience. Or at least they were at school. He didn’t understand how his friends—lovely, soft-skinned, sweet-smelling omegas—could actually want to touch them, or be touched by them.

Maybe he was just immature. That’s what his friends said, anyway. He’d want it eventually.

(Or, the one where Harry and Louis don’t enjoy sex - until they do.)  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
Got Me an Appetite
Summary: So it's something, and Louis isn't sure how to approach it. She doesn't want to sound ungrateful. The past few months have been heaven, and she doesn't want to make Harry feel like Louis doesn't worship the ground she walks on (ok, a bit over dramatic, but sometimes it feels like that). She just wants to make her girlfriend come.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
Make You Never Wanna Leave
Summary: “But that's fine?” Now Louis just looks confused. “There are so many ways you can have fun sex. Wetness is helpful but not a requirement.”
Harry can feel his face heating up. The way Louis said fun sex, like it's that easy, like he has all the experience. He might be a year older than Harry, but Harry's not quite sure if age is the only factor at play here. He doesn't know why the thought of Louis having sex makes his heart start to race again and he especially doesn't know why the next thing he blurts out is, “You could show me.”

or, Harry is an omega teen who has trouble getting wet even when he's turned on, Louis is his omega best friend who helps him experiment. In a completely platonic way, of course.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
In Your Black Heart (Is Where You'll Find Me)
Summary: Louis Tomlinson has been lying for five years. His crew sees him as a pirate, a Captain, and an alpha; only two of those are the truth. He was content to let the illusion go on forever, but an omega named Harry Styles just had to join his crew and get his warm-vanilla stink all over Louis' best laid plans.

Or: the story of The Captain and The Carpenter.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
This Love Will Keep Us Through Blinding Of The Eyes
Summary: As his other friends head into the strip club, he steps towards the bouncer, fumbling through his wallet to find his ID. He’s so distracted by his search that he hasn’t gotten a proper look at the bouncer until he’s standing right in front of him, shoving his ID into the alpha's ridiculously long, painted fingers.

Louis will blame it on the alcohol if anyone asks, but he can’t help staring intensely at the alpha in front of him, soaking up every detail of the guy. His breath catches in his throat as he watches the alpha, unable to look away from the strikingly green eyes.

It’s weird. So weird. Maybe Louis is more drunk than he thought, but he was feeling just barely tipsy only moments ago so that seems slightly unlikely. Between the long curls, the jawline so sharp it could cut glass, muscles rippling under his shirt, and endlessly long legs, this alpha is objectively the most attractive person Louis has ever seen.

But that can’t be right, because Louis’ an alpha, too.

When Louis' friends bring him to a strip club for his 18th birthday, the last thing he would have expected is leaving with a crush, let alone a crush on another alpha.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
Only One at the Finish Line
Summary: “What don’t I know?!” Louis shouts, and then Harry is rounding on him, close enough that he can feel the heat of his body, the rage and the glory and the pain of it so close that it blinds him.

“I want to be another alpha’s omega,” is what he says, and it comes out like something reckless, something wild. Like he doesn't care anymore if Louis hates him or not, if Louis understands, he just needs to speak his truth aloud to darkness, to the slender pines that surround them like a jury panel.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
Constant Debauchery
Summary: When Harry speaks, it’s with a cloud of smoke spilling out across Louis’s ear, cheek, and neck. “I’m glad I’m not the only alpha who’s not an idiot.”

Louis forces his smile to stay on his face as Harry stands up and follows the boys as they pick up their things and start walking, but he’s shaken to the core, even though he shouldn’t be. For so many reasons, he shouldn’t be. But this is the moment that he realizes what he’s known, on some level—what he has smelled—all night. Harry is an alpha.

It’s also the moment that he realizes he’s disappointed that it’s the truth.


Harry is an alpha who loves getting his mouth knotted by other alphas. Louis is happy to serve. Fun smut! But also angst and sexual awakenings.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
Sea Waves, Grace, and Loyalty
Summary: A modern interpretation of Cinderella. Louis is a 24 year old omega who goes to school and works for her step-mother who longs for a break. Harriet is a 22 year old Princess who lost her royal duties because of her gender presentation who just wants to find peace in her hometown.

“My mom tells me that blush roses can represent grace while the white ones can mean loyalty. She tells me that a young Princess like me should have both of these traits.”  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
Take Me Down Slow (Don't Let Me Go)
Summary: Louis has always felt different. Not necessarily on the outer realm of societal norms, but pretty damn close to the edge. As an Omega, he’s supposed to want certain things; to want to raise a family, to want to build a life with a partner, and to want that partner to be an Alpha.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

OR the one where Louis wants to find the right kind of partner to love, Niall hates snowboarding, Liam wants to settle down, Harry is really good with his hands, and mother nature could be the thing that changes everything.  no.epub  no.pdf  larry  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019 
18 days ago by Space.Clown
larryhastings/gilectomy: Gilectomy branch of CPython. Use "gilectomy" branch in git. Read the important, short README below!
Gilectomy branch of CPython. Use "gilectomy" branch in git. Read the important, short README below!
larry  hastings  removing  gil  from  python  gilectomy  itp 
20 days ago by gdw
Tell Them We're Like Magnets
Summary: Louis and Harry are roommates and best mates who like to kiss when they're drunk. Louis doesn't want her feelings to ruin things, so she starts seeing someone else, but she still can't seem to stop kissing Harry.

uni au where girl direction/little mix live together and get wasted a lot and make questionable choices.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry 
26 days ago by Space.Clown
No More Running
Summary: Maybe this was a mistake, after all. Maybe Harry really hates him and they’re not meant for anything else than a good fuck here and there.
And yet, something was there, Louis is sure of it. He saw it. He saw it every time Harry let him held him close, in the darkness of their room, in rigorous silence, both of them too afraid of saying or doing anything. He saw it in the madness running through both of them at every touch.

He's sure he saw it when for the first time, two nights ago, Harry asked him to stay.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry 
26 days ago by Space.Clown
But I Just Can't Apologise (I Hope You Can Understand This)
Summary: Harry's tired.

It's clings to her like smoke, wraps around her lungs and threatens to choke her. The fatigue slides under her skin like a splinter, sharp and biting and a constant ache.

So yeah.

Harry's tired.

high school au where harry breaks into a thousand pieces. louis puts her back together again. (or girl direction with a whole load of angst but a sappy ending)  no.pdf  no.epub  larry 
26 days ago by Space.Clown
Out of Nowhere (You Came)
Summary: Harry meets her first lesbian crush, Louis Tomlinson, the day after going to her concert. She definitely did not expect Louis to flirt with her, nor what happens next.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry 
26 days ago by Space.Clown
Larry Harvey
"We lead lives that are deadeningly passive. Everyone is sorted out in a seperate stall, like cattle in a feed-lot. Every time anything like real culture is produced by a creative community it's expropriated and flogged in the media and turned into a cliche - it used to be six years, now it's six months it's getting down to six weeks." --Larry Harvey
larry  burningman 
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