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RESOLVED: npm run dev on Windows 10 / Vagrant 1.9.4 / Homestead 4.0.5 · Issue #3345 · laravel/docs · GitHub
Figure this is going to help out a lot of people trying to figure out why they can't run npm run dev or npm run watch or npm run watch-poll out of the box. My builds.. Windows 10 Pro 1703.15063.250 VirtualBox: 5.1.20 Vagrant: 1.9.4 Homes...
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july 2018 by Spoof
This is a starter project for Craft CMS 3. Laravel Mix, TailwindCSS, PurgeCSS, Critical CSS and Babel for JS.
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may 2018 by ijy
laravel-mix/ at master · JeffreyWay/laravel-mix
This guide actually talks about how to use Laravel mix in stand-alone, non-laravel projects and it seems to work well.
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april 2018 by racl101

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