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HP Business PCs - Forgotten or Lost BIOS Password | HP® Customer Support
A forgotten BIOS password cannot be reset by HP. HP is committed to the security and privacy of our customers. To resolve a forgotten BIOS password issue, a system board replacement is required, and additional customer costs apply. For more information, go to HP Worldwide Limited Warranty and Technical Support.
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yesterday by bwiese
-=DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE=- Resetting BIOS password for HP business laptops. - YouTube
UPDATE JUN 24, 2019. For some reason HP is not sending smc.bin files anymore. So the only choice is replacement of BIOS chip. You have to either reprogram existing chip or buy a new one one. END OF UPDATE

It works for HP business laptops EliteBooks and ProBooks only!

For a commercial/business class product and you need to contact HP Business support team. Please submit UUID and Serial Number and they will be able to send you a customized SMC.bin file and instructions which you can use to reset the password. Note that assistance for such issues is usually free of charge for HP business class computers.

Once you receive the SMC.bin file, here are the necessary instructions you need to follow

Please make sure USB pendrive is formatted to FAT32 (not NTFS, not else)

Follow these steps to clear an unknown password for the BIOS administrator:

1. Save the attached SMC.BIN file to a blank USB pendrive.
2. Shut down the notebook. Insert the USB pendrive into any USB port. (If this notebook has both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, use a USB 2.0 port.)
Pay attention that file name and extension ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

3. Press and hold the following three keys at the same time:

the Windows key (near alt) , the Up-Arrow key, and the Down-Arrow key

4. Click one and release the power button

You will understand it worked

5. Once you see a grey "SMC Command" screen, release the three keys mentioned in step 3.

(Note: Steps 3, 4, and 5 signal the BIOS of this notebook to examine the USB ports and the HP_TOOLS partition for an SMC.bin file, and if it detects one, to run its command. This SMC.bin file contains the command to allow access into the BIOS as a BIOS administrator without supplying a password.)

You should see something on your screen

6. Read the grey screen about "SMC Command":

6a. If you see a message "SMC Command failure", contact HP support and attach photo of the F1 System Information

6b. On the other hand, if you see no "SMC Command" message of any sort, try steps 3, 4, and 5 again. You may also use a different brand and smaller capacity USB key. If that does not succeed, contact HP support. Pay attention to step 3 - press and hold the 3+1 button at the same time or very very fast one after another.

6c. If you see a message "SMC Command success", then the command has worked. Follow the on-screen instructions and restart the device. Begin tapping the F10 key (or the Esc key) like tap-tap-tap during start, so that the machine will go into the BIOS setup screen. (For this boot only, the machine should let you enter Setup without having to supply an administrator password. If the unit is restarted without performing the next step, the process will need to be ran again).

7. From the File screen in the BIOS, highlight and select the option to "Reset BIOS Security to factory defaults". (This will clear the old unknown password.) Follow the prompts, and restart the notebook when prompted. Reminder: if this notebook uses
BitLocker full disk encryption software, please choose to NOT reset the TPM! If it does not use BitLocker, you can also clear the TPM.

8. If you wish to set a new administrator BIOS password, you may do so on a future boot cycle by pressing F10 and setting a fresh BIOS admin password within the BIOS setup screen.
If there is any difficulty, particularly at steps 6a or 6b, contact HP support
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yesterday by bwiese
Why Does My Work Laptop Have Slower Wifi Than My Other Devices?
Day Three of Tech 911 here-to-answer-your-questions week, and I’m barreling through reader comments as if it were my job. Which it is. It is my job, and I love helping out as best I can. Remember, if you have a question about the tech of working from home, because you’re having some wonky computer or smartphone issue you can’t quite figure out,for example, leave a comment or shoot me an email. Let me help you.
wifi  laptop  Technology 
3 days ago by renee9656
How Do I Connect My Work Laptop to My Home Monitor?
It’s day two of Tech 911—the working-from-home edition—and I’m back to tackle even more of your tricky troubleshooting. Remember, if you’re having any issues with your work-from-home setup, I encourage you to leave a comment to this post (or this post!), or shoot me an email. I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can, because a good puzzle helps break the monotony of a quarantine.
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4 days ago by renee9656
Lemur Pro - System76
The most portable, long-lasting, expandable laptop. Work untethered.
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6 days ago by orlin
Allstand™ by Readydesk®
laptop standing desk for phones, tablets, books, and more. Ingenious notched wood pieces allow assembly in various configurations to act as raised (multi-levels) laptop stand, iPad stand, cookbook holder, and speaker podium. Comes apart as stick, flat rectangle, and two Ls. $50 (Mar 2020)
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10 days ago by chrismyth
Top five notebook vendors see shipments plunge in February • Digitimes Research
Jim Hsaio:
<p>Global top-five notebook brands saw their combined shipments nosedive nearly 40% on month and 38% on year in February as the notebook supply chain, which has over 90% of production capacity in China, was seriously disrupted in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, according to Digitimes Research.

Among the global top-5 brands, only Dell and Lenovo shipped over one million notebooks in February. Dell, which had its ODM partners keep some workers at plants to work during the Lunar New Year holidays, had an on-month shipment decline only larger than those of Lenovo and Asustek, and was the largest brand worldwide for the second consecutive month in February, Digitimes Research's numbers show.

Lenovo's in-house production lines in Hefei achieved a production resumption rate of nearly 60% in February, allowing its shipment to be above par.</p>

Then again, might be an abrupt pull in demand in the west with everyone suddenly working from home.
laptop  china  coronavirus 
12 days ago by charlesarthur
Tiny Tower Laptop Stand – Tiny Tower Stand
Portable, compact, with easy height adjustment & beautifully designed, the Tiny Tower Laptop Stand is like no other. The Tiny Tower Laptop Stand is suitable for the Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well as PC laptops from 11" to 15". Constructed from aluminum the Tiny Tower is strong, stable and secure.
laptop  stand  office 
17 days ago by gzfrancisco

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