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Remnants of English dative and an alternate meaning of the verb "think"
german  english  language  linguistics  grammer  methinks  dative  tootme 
3 hours ago by nelson
Getting to know some pragmatic programming language features
I see learning programming languages as a chance to open up my horizon and learn some new concepts. It also encourage good habit like immutability, composition, modulation, … I’d like to review some…
programming  language  feature  comparison 
8 hours ago by gilberto5757
Will We Ever Get To Learn Nepali?
Not yet :-( But it includes links to many existing resources.
language  learning  nepali  nepal 
20 hours ago by pozorvlak
Words have soul: on the Romantic theory of language origin | Aeon Essays
"[L]anguage is one of those phenomena that arose when human beings engaged with life not so as to survive but so as to participate in the great rush of it that they felt teeming around them. Human beings do not live on bread alone."
evolution  language  poetics  linguistics  history  culture 
21 hours ago by aparrish
GitHub - joelnet/MojiScript: MojiScript is an async-first, opinionated, and functional language designed to have 100% compatibility with JavaScript engines.
MojiScript is an async-first, opinionated, and functional language designed to have 100% compatibility with JavaScript engines. - joelnet/MojiScript
functional  javascript  js  compatible  asynchronous  programming  language  opensource  floss 
yesterday by gilberto5757

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