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Mandarin Chinese pronunciation dictionary
Learn how to pronounce Mandarin Chinese words from native speakers
pronounciation  language  chinese 
6 hours ago by hguzman92
Soufflé • A Datalog Synthesis Tool for Static Analysis | Soufflé synthesizes a parallel C++ program from a declarative Datalog program
Soufflé Datalog Synthesis Generator Compiler Program Analysis Parallel C++ Logic EDB IDB Futamura Projection Abstract Interpretation
programming  language  datalog  static  analysis 
8 hours ago by rsbowman
Cheryl Stephens on Twitter: "Here's what I had started with: •Google Books nGram Viewer •Word Frequency Lists •BYU iWeb NOW corpus •SFU ProQuest Canadian Newspaper database"
“How can you know if the words you are using are truly everyday words in common use?

“Here’s what I had started with:
“•Google Books nGram Viewer
“•Word Frequency Lists
“•BYU iWeb NOW corpus
“•SFU ProQuest Canadian Newspaper database”
words  language  plainlanguage  2018  CherylStephens 
8 hours ago by handcoding
Woman's ancient 'Clameur de Haro' rejected by Guernsey court | Channel - ITV News
"Rosie Henderson adopted the Norman ritual in an attempt to stop road works at Les Echelons. [...] It is described as a cry for justice and involves an aggrieved party, known as the ‘criant’, the alleged ‘wrongdoer’ and two witnesses."
law  history  language  nomic 
14 hours ago by kevan
The “Democrat Party” needs a counter-epithet for the GOP.
Democrat Party, which is both one of the United States’ two major political parties and an insult cast in the furnaces of midcentury partisan discourse. As Hendrik Hertzberg documented for the New Yorker in 2006, politicians like Joe McCarthy and Bob Dole used the term, which lowers a guillotine blade between democratic principles (good) and Democrats (bad). George W. Bush favored it as well. The epithet has an unlovely sound; it “fairly screams ‘rat,’ ” Hertzberg observed. “At a slightly higher level of sophistication,” he continued, “it’s an attempt to deny the enemy the positive connotations of its chosen appellation.”
Most important of all, the name accomplishes the objective of getting under Democrat(ic) skin. Left-wing politicians look pedantic when they bother to correct the record, and they look weak when they allow their adversaries to dictate what they are called. Over the years, Democratic National Committee delegates have tried to dream up an equivalent taunt. One proposal, to call the GOP the “Publican Party,” ironically evoked Roman tax collectors—and also conjured, for me, the delightful prospect of a Pelican Party, which would scoop all Americans into its capacious beak—but the committee rejected it.
america  history  language  populism 
14 hours ago by corrales
The Ring Programming Language
The Ring is an innovative and practical general-purpose multi-paradigm language. The supported programming paradigms are imperative, procedural, object-oriented, declarative using nested structures, functional, meta programming and natural programming. The language is portable (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, etc.) and can be used to create Console, GUI, Web, Games and Mobile applications. The language is designed to be simple, small, flexible and fast.
programming  language  mobile 
17 hours ago by michimaurer
Can we hope to understand how the Greeks saw their world? | Aeon Essays
"The Greek colour experience was made of movement and shimmer. Can we ever glimpse what they saw when gazing out to sea?"
color  history  language  mariamichelasassi  ancientgreece  perception  2017  at  culture 
17 hours ago by robertogreco

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