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Kory Stamper on Twitter: ""Deepest" usu. connotes somberness; "warmest" usu. connotes happiness. Both denote deep feeling, but connotation is more important here. 2/2"
@KoryStamper on “condolences”:
“‘Deepest’ usu. connotes somberness; ‘warmest’ usu. connotes happiness. Both denote deep feeling, but connotation is more important here.”
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Home - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit
Haxe is an open source toolkit based on a modern, high level, strictly typed programming language.
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2 days ago by tranqy
Our Language, Their Babble
Fascinating and horrifying.

“The second response to the novel linguistic conditions of the camp was not so much to adopt the enforced lingua franca of German as to develop a lingua franca made up of a mixture of German words and borrowed words from other languages. This language was commonly known as lagerszpracha. It was created out of Polish, Yiddish, Hungarian, Silesian dialects, and other languages spoken in any given camp. Thus each camp had its own dialect of lagerszpracha. German-speaking prisoner-functionaries and even some of the SS troops employed lagerszpracha expressions, but it was used primarily by inmates to communicate with each other. The creation of a shared language of communication under conditions of extreme duress is amply documented in the case of slavery. The deliberate dispersal of different ethnic and language groups by slave traders to minimise the risk of organised rebellion meant that slaves had to compose their own pidgin that would allow for the minimum of intelligible human contact. Through a process of creolisation the children of slaves would introduce grammatical structure to the pidgins; creole languages are widely spoken in many parts of the world today, from Haiti to Mauritius. The survival rates in the camps were so low, however, that no such process of creolisation took place and the lagerszpracha remained a provisional pidgin of subsistence.”
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