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Tips for Walkway and Pathway Design
Did you know that there is a difference between a walkway and a pathway? Both will add to your outdoor area nonetheless, but there are a few considerations to think about when choosing between the two.
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Media Literacy Workshops - Hands On Media Education
Hands On Media is at the forefront of the media education movement in
Canada. By providing production-based workshops, Hands on Media offers
educators and students opportunities to engage with the evolving landscape
of media education. Educators will learn how to make media education
exciting, meaningful and relevant while gaining the tools and technical
know-how to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom. Students
will gain a deeper understanding of media through hands-on,
production-based activities that will challenge them to think critically as
both consumers and producers of media. Hands on Media workshops are
designed to adapt to the topics and themes being covered in any classroom,
while developing transferable skills. All workshops provide opportunities
to reflect and discuss the rights and responsibilities of individuals
engaging in the digital media environment by encouraging participants to
reflect on their digital identities and roles as responsible digital
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Hobey Ford| Master Puppeteer | Season 2017 Episode 10/19/2017 | UNC-TV Arts | PBS
Master Puppeteer Hobey Ford draws inspiration from nature for his magical creations.
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3 days ago by jacobzimmer
4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Lawn
While it’s important to know about the basics of lawn care and how to maintain your landscape, it’s also crucial to know what not to do. Learn about four things you should never do to your lawn.
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7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Best Privacy Trees
A quality backyard can add to the value of a home. Not only can the right landscape add to the visual appeal but become an extension of a house. Lush and well-taken care of gardens adds to the beauty of a backyard.
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7 days ago by Adventure_Web

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