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<a rel="nofollow" href="">2019 SPRING & SUMMER BASIC FASHION TRENDS & WARDROBE ESSENTIALS</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">2019 SPRING & SUMMER BASIC FASHION TRENDS & WARDROBE ESSENTIALS</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">2019 SPRING & SUMMER BASIC FASHION TRENDS & WARDROBE ESSENTIALS</a><br />
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<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a>
<p>2019 SPRING & SUMMER BASIC FASHION TRENDS & WARDROBE ESSENTIALS Welcome back to another style video all about spring and summer basic fashion trends, wardrobe essentials and closet staples for 2019! This video is going to … 2019 spring fashion,2019 fashion,basic fashion,easy basic outfits,fashion essentials,ana luisa jewelry,gold dainty jewelry,jewelry,gold jewelry,dainty jewelry,layered necklaces,sandals,sneakers,spring fashion trend,summer fashion …</p>
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Learning Bobbin Lace - Basics (Good course for beginners!)

   Learning Bobbin Lace - Basics

  How to Make Bobbin Lace
  Bobbin Lace Lessons
  Bobbin Lace Tutorials

  © Lorelei Halley 2012 
Lace  Crafting 
january 2019 by MotherEndurance
Thread size for pricking size - LACEIOLI
Thread size for pricking size
This system is for Torchon. Different styles need different calculations.

First of all, here is a list of thread equivalents that I use in deciding which thread to use.

Second as for thread match to grid size. Look at the footside of the lace and measure how many spaces per 2 inches (sorry I still use inches, not cm) -- not pins per inch, but spaces per 2 inches.

(We are actually measuring the size graph paper the design was drawn on. In torchon the mesh is dotted every other line.) So we are measuring the distances between the pins on the footside, which is usually a straight line. The numbers refer to the number of spaces, not pins, in a 2 inch segment of footside.
Lace  Crafting 
january 2019 by MotherEndurance
Lacemaking as slavery in ‘Aunt Klara’s Cabin’ (1864) – By the Poor For the Rich: Lace in Context
Shamelessness had never shown itself more plainly than on that procession day.  Those who, by forcing them to labour well beyond their years and strength, had transformed blooming children into creatures whose weakness would be passed on to the next generation, and had turned golden youths into pale flowers bending towards the grave even in the morning of life, they were not shamed to put the misery of these child-slaves on show as a foil to their own wealth.  They braved the looks of the crowd, which seemed to call out to them:

‘Your pomp, your wealth, is the fruit of your slaves’ labour.  It is the purchase price of the victims you drag to an early grave.’
Lace  Article  History 
january 2019 by MotherEndurance
Bobbin lace pattern and pricking
Bobbin lace - Pattern and pricking
To make bobbin lace, you need a pattern, not just as a guide to the design, but as an essential piece of equipment in making the lace. The pattern is pinned on the pillow, and lies underneath the lace as it is made. The pins are pushed into the pattern (and pillow), in the correct place, and this is what guides the threads, and so shapes the design.

You can get pricking card from suppliers. This is thicker than paper, and the idea is that it will hold the pins in place better, and the pattern can be used lots of times. However, I have always used ordinary paper (such as computer printing paper) and never found any problems. The pattern can only be used once, though.

You need to find your pattern. There are plenty of books with lace patterns in them, and you photocopy the design to get your working copy. But you need to buy the book. There are patterns for sale, through lace suppliers. But again, you need to buy them. There are patterns on the web, hopefully with instructions. If you have a photo of lace, or even the lace itself, you may be able to reproduce the pattern yourself, although that requires some knowledge of lacemaking.

Finally, of course, you can use a pattern from this website! Click here for an introduction to the patterns, which includes how to download and print them. Click here for index links to the patterns. If you are a beginner, click here for beginner patterns which will guide you through the different techniques of lacemaking. The patterns include instructions, and link to detailed descriptions of how to do each stitch and technique.
Lace  Crafting 
january 2019 by MotherEndurance

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