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[Report] | The End of Retirement, by Jessica Bruder | Harper's Magazine
On Thanksgiving Day of 2010, Linda May sat alone in a trailer in New River, Arizona. At sixty, the silver-haired grandmother lacked electricity and running water. She couldn’t find work. Her unemployment benefits had run out, and her daughter’s family, with whom she had lived for many years while holding a series of low-wage jobs, had recently downsized to a smaller apartment. There wasn’t enough room to move back in with them.
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[Film] | CamperForce, by Jessica Bruder and Brett Story | Harper's Magazine
In the August 2014 issue of Harper’s Magazine, Jessica Bruder chronicles the lives of several downwardly mobile seniors, members of the growing class of “workampers”—retirement-age Americans who travel the country in late-model RVs, seeking out low-paying physical labor. “Depending on the time of year, these geriatric migrants may be summoned to roadside stalls selling Christmas trees, Halloween pumpkins, or Fourth of July fireworks. They’re sought to pick raspberries in Vermont, apples in Washington, and blueberries in Kentucky,” she writes. In CamperForce, a documentary adapted from her new book Nomadland, Bruder and director Brett Story follow Barb and Chuck, an elderly couple who, after losing their savings in the stock market crash of 2008, find seasonal employment processing customer orders in Amazon fulfillment centers. “It was harder than I thought,” says Barb. “I didn’t think I would be in pain.”
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Faculty teaching load in online courses
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Ben Tarnoff on Twitter: "Last night, inspired by a footnote in Joan Greenbaum's book Windows on the Workplace, I went down a wormhole learning about Kristen Nygaard, the co-creater of object-oriented programming and an important figure in the Norwegian la
@bentarnoff: Last night, inspired by a footnote in Joan Greenbaum's book Windows on the Workplace, I went down a wormhole learning about Kristen Nygaard, the co-creater of object-oriented programming and an important figure in the Norwegian labor movement.

(Relates to his invention of Simula)
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In Need of Workers, the Midwest Recruits From Puerto Rico - WSJ
Companies recruit on the island, which is losing population, to find people to work in Ohio, Iowa and Nebraska.
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