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‘Design/ Play/ Disrupt’ at the V&A: What Happens When We Break Video Games’s ‘Black Box’? | Frieze
"a carefully negotiated window into a process even which, a decade ago, would have been unthinkable. The ‘magic’ of games has long won over their entry into cultural discourse, and the stranglehold of publishers on the ownership of game artwork, or ‘art assets’ is one even this exhibition cannot escape. For example, that prototype sits alongside pencil sketches of clothes from the same fashion-centric game which are credited only to ‘Nintendo’. "
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september 2018 by Nachimir
Zubi | Sensational Food Labelling
Zubi is your complete, online food labelling system that is always live, always correct and makes food labelling a breeze! Simplify your food labelling workflow today or test drive Zubi for free.
may 2018 by Aoterra
FoodWorks 9 Nutrition Labelling - Xyris Software
Streamline your recipe development. Make your recipes better while ensuring compliance.
may 2018 by Aoterra

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