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RT : Today happy to demonstrate difference between & in practice.
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20 days ago by nwhyte
FEELTRACE — AAAC - Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing
Feeltrace is a two dimensional emotion labelling tool. It allows labellers to trace emotional content in real time on two dimensions - activation and evaluation.
Feeltrace  is  a  two  dimensional  emotion  labelling  tool 
june 2017 by gdw
PermaSleeve Wire Marking Sleeves - 117546 - Brady UK
Heat-shrink Polyolefin Sleeve:
16.94 mm wide, for cable / pipe dia 12 - 24 mm
engineering  labelling 
august 2016 by magnusc
PermaSleeve Wire Marking Sleeves - 117586 - Brady UK
Heat-shrink Polyolefin Sleeve:
12.7 mm wide, for cable / pipe dia 12 - 24 mm
engineering  labelling 
august 2016 by magnusc

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