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debauchee/barrier: Open-source KVM software
Barrier is KVM software forked from Symless's synergy 1.9 codebase. Synergy was a commercialized reimplementation of the original CosmoSynergy written by Chris Schoeneman.
mouse  kvm  windows  sharing 
4 days ago by tjh
[GUIDE] Optimus laptop dGPU passthrough
This is a guide for passing through you dGPU on your laptop for your VM. This guide only apply to laptops that does not load dGPU firmware through acpi call, which include all MUXed laptop and some MUXless laptop. For laptops that use acpi call to load dGPU firmware, please refer to to u/jscinoz 's optimus-vfio-docs.
GPU  KVM  OVMF  virtualization  graphics  laptop  Windows  linux 
10 days ago by entropond
FYI for anyone wanting HTML5 KVM on Supermicro A1SRi-2758F | ServeTheHome and ServeThe.Biz Forums
There isnt a lot of solid information around on getting HTML5 KVM on the Supermicro A1SRi-2758F boards (to get rid of the horrible Java KVM). But for anyone wanting to do the same, I can confirm that you can use the BMC firmware "REDFISH_X10_377.zip" from Supermicros site to update the BMC on A1SRi-2758F to get HTML5 KVMs. It isnt specifically listed as a working combination anywhere but there was enough evidence that I gave it a try and it worked.


Supermicro  ServeTheHome  firmware  BIOS  IPMI  BMC  KVM 
20 days ago by coffeebucket
Hackintosh-KVM Guide: High Sierra+ Using QEMU’s i440fx Chipset
For a few years now, thanks to the hard work of others in the QEMU/KVM community, the ability to use the macOS operating system on our KVM powered virtual machines is now a reality. We can also enable a much better user experience for OSX virtual machines using GPU Passthrough.
kvm  osx  macos 
28 days ago by dmacvicar
SSD Nodes: VPS cloud hosting for hundreds less | SSD Nodes
Simple, high-value VPS cloud computing for hundreds less. A full SSD-powered cloud with top-tier hardware, 10Gbps network, 100% SLA, and more.
cloud  hosting  kvm  linux  ssd  vps 
29 days ago by danesh.manoharan

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