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A distributed for loop from scratch in 70 lines of Python | Will Crichton
I walk through the concrete steps of how to parallelize a Python function over a cluster using Docker and Kubernetes assuming knowledge of neither. You will create a distributed, fault-tolerant work queue without too much code.
python  kubernetes  google  cloud  computer  engine  cluster  architecture  queue  processing 
4 hours ago by ianweatherhogg
HA Kubernetes with Kubeadm – Nate Baker – Medium
This post is geared towards users who are already using Kubeadm to deploy their Kubernetes clusters. If you’re not familiar with Kubeadm, check it out here…
Kubernetes  Kubeadm 
14 hours ago by Moolicious
The benefits and business value of Kubernetes « Kumina | Blog
Enterprises, SME's as well as start-ups are adopting container technology and Kubernetes with breathtaking speed. But what is Kubernetes? How does it relate to containers? What does it actually do? What are its main features? And how can organisations benefit from adopting containers and deploying Kubernetes? We...
kubernetes  benefits  why 
16 hours ago by pinterb
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In this hands-on guide we will look at how to deploy Prometheus Operator into a Kubernetes cluster and how to add an external service to Prometheus` targets list.During my last project, we decided to use Prometheus Operator as our monitoring and alerting tool. via Pocket
kubernetes  monitoring  prometheus 
16 hours ago by goeran

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