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Corner Office - To the C.E.O. of Teach for America, Charisma Is Overrated - Question - NYTimes.com
We’ve done a lot of research on the characteristics of our teachers who are the most successful. The most predictive trait is still past demonstrated achievement, and all selection research basically points to that. But then there is a set of personal characteristics. And the No. 1 most predictive trait is perseverance, or what we would call internal locus of control. People who in the context of a challenge — you can’t see it unless you’re in the context of a challenge — have the instinct to figure out what they can control, and to own it, rather than to blame everyone else in the system.
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august 2009 by meryn
FORA.tv - Eliminating Education Inequality: Wendy Kopp
Wendy Kopp wrote her thesis on the idea of creating a national corps of recent college graduates who commit two years to teach in the neediest communities and become education leaders.This vision has grown into Teach for America, reaching more than 400,000 students this year. Where does education fall on the list of the country's priorities? Kopp provides thoughts on improving early education and expanding learning opportunities for children.
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Teaching for a better America - The Boston Globe
As media have reported, no less than one out of every 12 graduating seniors at Harvard College and at Princeton applied this past spring for Teach for America. At Yale and Spelman College in Atlanta, the rate was better: one out of eight. Large numbers applied, too, at places like Duke, USC, and the University of Texas. Altogether some 17,000 competed for 2,100 slots. Had they all been accepted, Teach for America would have been the largest single employer to recruit on many campuses.
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Why big donors back Teach for America. - By Lincoln Caplan - Slate Magazine
If Teach for America were a public, for-profit company, the critiques would be factored into conventional measures of the marketplace (growth or lag in sales, say, or strong or weak return on equity) and reflected in its stock price. In a sector for which there's no market to value stock, however, or even agreed-on performance measures, the nonprofit TFA is more like Google before it went public—or if you're a critic, like Enron before its accounting shams were understood. Its value isn't easy to compute.
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Top Graduates Line Up to Teach to the Poor - New York Times
For a surprisingly large number of bright young people, Teach for America - which sends recent college graduates into poor rural and urban schools for two years for the same pay and benefits as other beginning teachers at those schools - has become the next step after graduation. It is the postcollege do-good program with buzz, drawing those who want to contribute to improving society while keeping their options open, building an ever-more impressive résumé and delaying long-term career decisions.
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february 2009 by meryn
Teach For All
For today’s students, it can be life-changing to encounter teachers who possess both rare leadership skills and the determination to go above and beyond traditional expectations to ensure their students have the opportunities they deserve.

At the same time, the experience of successfully teaching in high-needs areas shapes the direction and convictions of future leaders, thus creating a powerful leadership force for changing the conditions that generate educational disadvantage. Ultimately, to truly solve this problem, we will need leaders throughout our societies — at every level of education systems, at every level of policy, and in every professional sector – who demonstrate an intense commitment to change, and the understanding of what those changes need to be that comes from successfully addressing educational disadvantage.
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february 2009 by meryn
Leadership Summit | WENDY KOPP: Stand Up and Lead « VIA
It’s easy to be a leader if you’re pursuing something that you deeply believe in. This [Teach For America] is a vision that magnetizes many people. I knew people were searching to make a significant difference in the world. Being involved with Teach For America is not just about two years of your life. It’s about the rest of your life. Sacrifice adds value to someone’s life. It’s your own personal level of conviction in this work that makes the difference. If we truly believe in this, then it makes it easy. Then we know, that we’re giving people a gift; the opportunity to contribute to something fundamentally important.
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february 2009 by meryn
Duncan and Kopp, but not Klein, are boosted for Obama Cabinet | GothamSchools
Wendy Kopp, the hard-driving founder of Teach For America, and Arne Duncan, the superintendent of schools in Chicago, are being touted as top candidates for U.S. Education Secretary by an influential lobbying group that pushes for aggressive changes in American schools. Their names are included in a 34-page transition memo to President-elect Barack Obama prepared by the group, Democrats for Education Reform, and obtained by GothamSchools.
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february 2009 by meryn

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