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What Really Doomed America's Coronavirus Response - The Atlantic
None of this erases the administration’s failures, which are grave, but the painful truth is that we could have tried to do a lot at the local level that would have helped. Not everything had to wait for the government. Hong Kong, too, had a largely unresponsive government, but great popular pressure and people’s own actions—immediate adoption of social distancing in January, universal mask wearing, calling for closures and cancellations even when the government dragged its feet—have...
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7 days ago by traggett
Hong Kong Herbarium
All the plants in Hong Kong
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17 days ago by traggett
Kong Proof-of-Concept using Minikube - ITNEXT
Why another guide? Because it addresses the same issue in a simpler way.
Generally speaking, simplifying is the art of distilling information. It’s all about organizing ideas and concepts to extract…
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4 weeks ago by chlopakrzeznika
Take a tour of Hong Kong in the 60s - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.
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12 weeks ago by traggett
10 Tips for Developing Your First Custom Kong Plugin
I recommended “10 Tips for Developing Your First Custom Kong Plugin” on @Medium https://ift.tt/2t3gcca
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december 2019 by andromedarabbit

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