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docs/eventing/samples/kubernetes-event-source at master · knative/docs
Kubernetes Event Source example shows how to wire kubernetes cluster events for consumption by a function that has been implemented as a Knative Service.
kubernetes  knative  k8s  event  source  example  function 
3 days ago by slmingol
Announcing TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtime (KLR) | Multicloud Serverless Management Platform - TriggerMesh
TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtime (KLR) is an open source project that provides complete portability of Amazon Web Services Lambda functions to Knative enabled clusters and Knative enabled serverless cloud infrastructure without the need to rewrite these serverless functions.
knative  lambda  kubernetes 
13 days ago by pinterb
Kyma - An easy way to extend enterprise applications on Kubernetes.
Kyma is an open-source project designed natively on Kubernetes. It allows you to extend enterprise applications in a quick and modern way, using serverless computing or microservice architecture
serverless  kubernetes  knative  node.js 
13 days ago by sherbang
GitLab 11.5 released with Group Security and Operations Dashboards, and Access Control for Pages | GitLab
Knative is a Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads, and GitLab 11.5 comes with the ability to easily deploy and integrate Knative with GitLab. You can now install Knative to your connected Kubernetes cluster with a single click. With GitLab 11.5, you'll be able to use Knative for your serverless applications, with serverless functions coming in 11.6.
docker  kubernetes  knative  gitlab 
5 weeks ago by some_hren
Red Hat, Google, IBM, And SAP Go Knative For Serverless
Earlier this year, Red Hat, Google, SAP, IBM, and Pivotal announced a platform that brings together serverless computing with the Kubernetes open source container orchestration system. The idea behind Knative, as this effort is called, is to offer a set open-source components that enables developers to create container-based serverless applications that can be easily moved between cloud providers, an important consideration at a time when adoption of containers for building applications that can be moved to the cloud is growing and more enterprise are putting their applications and data into more than one public cloud.
kubernetes  Knative  cloud 
5 weeks ago by euler

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