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Aziraphale & Hastur/Crowley, dub/noncon
I need to see Fallen, AU, or otherwise Dark Aziraphale call Hastur in to help dominate Crowley. A/C can be in a relationship or not, but I'd like them to have feelings for each other, however fucked up those feelings are.

Spitroasting and humiliation would be ideal, as would Aziraphale comforting and gently domming Crowley while Hastur fucks him hard.
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:crowley  ch:aziraphale  ship:aziraphale/crowley  character.type:demon!aziraphale  ch:hastur  ship:crowley/hastur  kink:humiliation  kink:dub-con  kink:non-con 
12 hours ago by good-omens-kink
A/C, D/s + public nudity
Long-established D/s relationship. Aziraphale starts making Crowley go naked at all times -- at home, in public, always. They use miracles to make sure no one sees a thing, but it doesn't stop the shame Crowley feels at being so constantly exposed. (This can also be coupled with public sex if you want.)

He/him pronouns for both, penis for Az if it comes up, mild preference for Crowley to have a penis as well.
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:crowley  ch:aziraphale  ship:aziraphale/crowley  kink:dom/sub  character.type:submissive/bottom!crowley  character.type:dominant/top!aziraphale  kink:public  kink:humiliation 
yesterday by good-omens-kink
Made For Me
Sam was done with his family. Done with his father’s relentless obsession, and his brother’s blind obedience, and his too pretty for an Alpha face. He was done with it all. Right up until the moment Dean appeared at his door, smelling more like an Omega in heat rather than his out-of-bounds Alpha brother.
spn  au  pairing:Sam/Dean  character:Sam  character:Dean  genre:PWP  alpha!Dean  omega!Dean  bottom!Dean  alpha!Sam  toppy!Sam  pining!Sam  kink:first-time  kink:manhandling  kink:nipple-play  kink:humiliation  kink:castration  kink:knotting  kink:marking  kink:feminization  author:kiltsocks  1.000-5.000 
4 days ago by somersault1509
Aziraphale/Crowley, pet play, d/s, humiliation, animalistic behavior
I just want to see well-trained Crowley in a collar trying to be a good boy for his master.

There are two ways this can go - light, where this is something Azira and Crowley get up to together, Crowley has his own dog bed, loves belly rubs, and he feels safe in his pet space, just wants to make his master so proud and earn ALL of the praise,

OR, heavier, maybe Crowley was pre-trained by heaven or other demons to be a good puppy and they are rough with him - they spank him, they rub his face in it when he makes a mess in the house,talk about him like he’s not there, breeding bench, humiliation, gang bang - I’m open to anything. Or a combo of the two. Crowley can either love every minute of his treatment or this can be a bit dub or non-con. He can either be meeting Aziraphale for the first time with the angels having him try out their bad puppy, or they’ve met before. Maybe this is Crowley’s punishment if heaven won the apocalypse and he’s already been broken in.
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:aziraphale  ch:crowley  ship:aziraphale/crowley  kink:dom/sub  kink:humiliation  kink:petplay  character.type:dominant/top!aziraphale  character.type:submissive/bottom!crowley 
11 days ago by good-omens-kink
Any/Crowley, noncon fingering and humiliation
Crowley is in a situation, don't care much the circumstances, where he's in public and a stranger gets his hand down Crowley's tight pants and starts fingering him (this could be a human AU if that's what you have in mind.) Crowley is horrified and humiliated, especially when the stranger finds his prostate and starts turning him on. Nobody else notices since they're in a crowded club or a train so Crowley has to just take it or maybe somebody does but this is normal for demons in hell so they say nothing. Prefer if he doesn't cum but instead the stranger just leaves him turned on and traumatized. Bonus for him going to the bookshop after and gets comforted by Aziraphale (who he can be in a relationship with already or not.)
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:crowley  kink:non-con  kink:fingering  kink:humiliation  ship:crowley/any 
14 days ago by good-omens-kink
Pollution/Gabriel/Beelzebub, BDSM, poss. dubcon
I have a MIGHTY need for these two stinky legends to mess up our most prissily immaculate Archangel, however you can swing it. Smear mud on him, tie him up and peg him on a pile of rubbish, spank him senseless and come all over him, face-slapping, humiliating dirty talk, anything of that nature. Fully consensual, or a no-no-yes-please scenario, please.

Bonus: Pollution makes Gabriel call him 'Sir'.

Would like she/her or they/them pronouns for Beez, he/him for Pollution and Gabriel. Any genitals welcome for any of them, including weird nonhuman ones.
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:gabriel  ch:beelzebub  ch:pollution  ship:beelzebub/gabriel/pollution  kink:bdsm  kink:dub-con  kink:humiliation 
19 days ago by good-omens-kink
Aziraphale/Crowley, humiliation kink
dying for a fic where an extremely composed aziraphale, in exactly his normal brilliant-professor manner, extensively humiliates crowley for being so desperate/pathetic/needy as he gets him off (or doesn't! denial good too)

i strongly prefer that this be consensual, though that doesn't have to show up in the fic. i like hardcore humiliation, so the verbally meaner, the better. no genitalia or indeed gender preference
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:crowley  ch:aziraphale  ship:aziraphale/crowley  kink:humiliation  character.type:dominant/top!aziraphale  character.type:submissive/bottom!crowley 
19 days ago by good-omens-kink
A/C, watersports, humiliation kink
Yeah, just... Full filth. Gimme Aziraphale pissing on Crowley while dealing some verbal abuse, all while Crowley jerks off. All consensual, please.
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:crowley  ch:aziraphale  ship:aziraphale/crowley  kink:watersports  kink:humiliation  character.type:dominant/top!aziraphale  character.type:submissive/bottom!crowley 
24 days ago by good-omens-kink
Aziraphale/Crowley or Gabriel/Beelzebub - Size kink, wing kink, humiliation?
Angel's wings are enormous. Demon's wings are tiny. Yeah its like those small dick/humiliation kink fic but is wings instead of dicks.
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:crowley  ch:aziraphale  ship:aziraphale/crowley  ch:gabriel  ch:beelzebub  ship:beelzebub/gabriel  kink:size  kink:wings  kink:humiliation 
28 days ago by good-omens-kink
Crowley/Other - objectification, bondage, captivity, humiliation
Crowley is captured by a human who basically just wants him because they LOVE his aesthetic.

They summon him and then restrain him (maybe the restraints are magic so he can't get out of them) in various positions that they choose because they think it looks pretty.

Some of these positions are very uncomfortable or even painful, but Crowley's pain is NOT the point. This person is treating him like a pretty object for them to own.

They keep him restrained in these very difficult, uncomfortable positions for hours at a time, touching him as they please, and it's traumatic and humiliating.

They MIGHT hurt him if he's being too loud or struggling too much and throwing off their vibe/mood... like slap him or something to make him shut up and be still and stop ruining their illusion... but again, they are not all about the pain.

They're all about the pretty.

Eventual rescue would be nice, but not necessary.

Bonus time:

2) Sensory deprivation (not the whole time, but maybe at some point a hood that blocks out all his senses
3) The person painting him, or taking photographs
4) The person hosting a party where Crowley is the centerpiece
5) The person (and possibly their friends) casually touching him as if he's an object, like someone might touch a pretty sculpture
round:1  status:UNFILLED  ch:crowley  kink:objectification  kink:non-con  kink:humiliation  kink:bondage  content:summoning  ship:crowley/any 
29 days ago by good-omens-kink
The Purification Of The Michael Sword
Naomi waited until the target had righted himself again before she cleared her throat. “Sword of Michael,” she said. “You have been brought here to answer for your sins against Heaven and Mankind.”
spn  au  pairing:Dean/Castiel  character:Dean  character:Castiel  character:OFC  genre:angst  kidnapped!Dean  hurt!Dean  bottom!Dean  kink:non-con  kink:forced-orgasm  kink:voyeurism  kink:humiliation  season_8  1.000-5.000 
4 weeks ago by somersault1509
Michael, angry at Dean for trying to fight back so much when he’s possessing him, finds one way to break the ultimate ladies man, the supreme alpha (with a small a - no a/b/o). Over a period of time (that one’s up to you) Michael-in-Dean trawls every bar he can find, sleeping with lots of random guys. The upshot is that, while Dean is repulsed at first, he is left a complete and utter cockslut for strange men when Michael is eventually driven from him. If you want to leave Dean with the ability and unending desire to get pregnant while hating himself for his feelings, go for it!
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/omc(s)  kink:non-con  kink:conditioning  kink:public-sex  kink:humiliation  kink:dirty-talk  kink:bottom!dean  kink:cockslut!dean  kink:angst 
4 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Inside Job
Dean doesn't get hard when he's fucked but he still comes from prostate stimulation. Just a pretty, soft cock dribbling cum with every thrust in his ass.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:manhandling  kink:soft-cock  kink:dirty-talk  kink:humiliation  kink:bottom!dean  kink:top!sam  kink:coming-untouched  kink:come-eating 
5 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Dean gets gang banged for money by MCs (his own choice or forced is up to author). They all do it bare and fill him up good and despite Dean not wanting to they get him off and make fun of him for it.

No ABO please, but other kinks welcome!
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/omc(s)  kink:dub-con  kink:prostitution  kink:held-down  kink:humiliation  kink:handjob  kink:barebacking  kink:breath-play  kink:gagging  kink:gangbang  kink:forced-orgasm  kink:rough-sex 
5 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Aziraphale/Crowley, shame kink, virgin Aziraphale masturbates, gets expertly deflowered
For his entire existence, Aziraphale has considered himself Above Any Temptations of the Flesh and so forth. No making an Effort, no dallyings with humans or angels. Only his un-confessed romantic feelings for Crowley has ever made him unsure of himself, and any sexual thoughts pertaining thereto are Never Addressed.

Then everything changes. The apocalypse failed, and Aziraphale's sudden freedom from his handlers sparks his curiosity....

And that's how Crowley catches his prim and proper angel friend shyly fondling his brand new cock at the desk of his bookshop, whispering his best friend's name.

For a long time afterwards, Aziraphale is utterly mortified and can barely look at Crowley without turning red, but there's no going back. Having his feelings affirmed is a revelation for Crowley. Now it's time to tempt and coax and coddle until Aziraphale is his.

And then Crowley utterly debauches him. Fucks him, rides him, spanks him raw, wrings out multiple orgasms, makes him cry from how good it feels, dirty talks him while switching between praise and humiliation. Feel free to run with it, as long as Aziraphale is absolutely stunned at how good a corporation can feel.

+100 for tender aftercare
+1000 for discussion of BDSM/safewording/ect. if that's the angle you want!

Prefer both with penises, please!
round:1  status:FILLED  ch:crowley  ch:aziraphale  ship:aziraphale/crowley  kink:first.times  kink:masturbation  kink:humiliation  character.type:dominant/top!crowley  character.type:submissive/bottom!aziraphale  fill.wip 
5 weeks ago by good-omens-kink
Ignis/any, omorashi + humiliation
Is this physically possible? Don't know, but I want Ignis getting fucked while needing to relieve himself; he tries to resist (possibly before they start, definitely in the middle when he realizes he can't hold it) then ending up losing control and wetting himself. He's utterly humiliated, but his partner just grins and keeps fucking him through it until he's soaked and spent.

Ignis's partner can be really into it (maybe even made Ignis do it on purpose?), or just into it for the humiliation aspect. Not really too picky on who it is, though I don't care much for Ravus.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:any  pairing:ignisxany  kink:humiliation  kink:omorashi 
6 weeks ago by ffxvkinkmeme
Gabriel/Aziraphale, fat-shaming, fat-kink
Gabriel is strongly attracted to Aziraphale, despite his best efforts not to be. And the fact that he is drawn to his rounded, soft tummy, his thick thighs and a few other bits that are evidence of the other angel's indulgences and 'sullying of his temple' makes the interest particularly offensive to him.

I don't mind if this goes to angstier territory, and/or features Aziraphale/Crowley, but I just need this so bad!
ch:aziraphale  ch:gabriel  ship:aziraphale/gabriel  round:1  status:UNFILLED  kink:fat  kink:humiliation 
8 weeks ago by good-omens-kink
Bought Love
[CrowNoYami] With his upcoming heat, and his company pressuring him to have an Alpha on his arm, Sam knows it’s only a matter of time before he will cave and find someone. When Charlie provides him with a number for an escort service, he’s not expecting the young Alpha who knocks on his door. Their time together struck something in him, forming a connection he didn’t know he was missing. But does the escort Dean feel the same or is he just in it for the money? Can you really buy love?
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Office-&-Workplace  AU:Sex-Workers  A+parenting:Winchester  alpha!Dean  angst  asshole!Ruby  bartender!Benny  bottom!Sam  CEO!Sam  dom!Dean  escort!Dean  escort!Garth  kink:bondage  kink:breeding  kink:D/s  kink:dehumanization  kink:dirty-talk  kink:humiliation  kink:knotting  kink:mpreg  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:phone-sex  kink:praise  kink:rough-sex  kink:sex-toys  kink:spanking  kink:topping-from-the-bottom  mpreg!Sam  omega!Sam  pimp!Balthazar  possessive!Dean  possessive!Sam  protective!Balthazar  protective!Charlie  protective!Crowley  protective!Gabriel  sub!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:75K-100K 
8 weeks ago by casey679
A/C, accidental bad BDSM practices w/ humiliation
(Apparently there's another "top uses a safeword fic oncoming? Best of wishes to you OP and other author!)

Aziraphale, because of self-loathing and some Issues thinks that the best way to have sex would be for Crowley to treat him poorly during it; humiliation, cruel words, etc. After all, that's what he deserves.

Crowley thinks that Aziraphale can only see Crowley as cruel/hateful, and he's hurt but it seems like Aziraphale might be into that, so he's willing.

Eventually Crowley has to use his safe word because he Can't Deal anymore. He wants to be kind to Aziraphale, and he hates that Aziraphale seemingly only thinks he's capable of cruelty.

Discovering that Aziraphale is certain that's all he deserves fucks with his head - Aziraphale is an angel, and his angel, he doesn't deserve that. Now, how to convince Aziraphale of that?

IDK fam, that's up to you, but loving/sweet sex would be peachy keen.
ch:crowley  ch:aziraphale  ship:aziraphale/crowley  round:1  status:UNFILLED  kink:bdsm  content:misunderstandings  kink:safewords  kink:humiliation 
8 weeks ago by good-omens-kink

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turning:human-to-werewolf  tw:abuse  tw:dub/non-con  tw:dub-con  tw:non-con  tw:non-consensual-drug-use  tw:prejudice/discrimination  tw:self-harm  tw:torture  tw:unhappy-ending  type:big.bang  type:fic  verse:animal-instincts  verse:ghost  verse:mcu  verse:not-what-it-seems  verse:whiplash  verse:work-buddies  voyeur!castiel  voyeur!dean  vulnerable!dean  vulnerable!jensen  wc:1k5k  werefox!stiles  whipped!dean  wordcount:01-05k  wordcount:05-10k  year:2017 

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