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USB Killer
It was a usual gloomy winter morning. My colleagues and I were drinking our morning coffee, sharing the news and there were no signs of trouble. But then a...
usb  electronics  killer  electricity  hack  evil  diy  cool 
4 weeks ago by raphman
X-ray Detection May Be Perovskites’ Killer App
The wonder crystal could yield imagers that are far more sensitive than commercial detectors
perovskites  scintillator  x-ray  sensor  killer  app 
4 weeks ago by Bluyssae
Google Stadia: Console Killer, Gaming Industry Disruptor?
“The future of gaming is not a box”, quipped Google’s Stadia Twitter account. Possibly not-so-subtle jibe at the venerable Xbox, Stadia instead claims it instead is a “place for all the ways we play”. At GDC 2019, Google expands its purview of technological hardware and services to include gaming. Touted as a platform that brings...

The post Google Stadia: Console Killer, Gaming Industry Disruptor? appeared first on .
Google  Stadia:  Console  Killer  Gaming  Industry  Disruptor? 
march 2019 by vrzone
New Type Of Killer Whale Found Swimming In Southern Ocean : NPR
The notion that there might be some new kind of killer whale emerged in 1955, when photos from New Zealand showed a bunch of unusual-looking whales stranded on a beach.
animals  whales  discover  mammals  killer  whale  species  typed 
march 2019 by xer0x

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