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Perry Chen Says He Wants To Revitalize Kickstarter. Employees Say He’s Doing the Opposite.
Fifteen current and former employees described Chen’s attitude since coming back as following the so-called visionary founder myth — the belief by some founders that they are uniquely imbued with the ability to envision their company’s future clearly and overcome its worst crises...“But it didn’t feel like he cared that there were over 100 people there working on their careers. It meant something to us. It wasn’t just a fun art project. It was like, ‘No, this is paying my bills.’”
silicon-valley  kickstarter  management 
3 days ago by jomc
71% backed! That's the freaking status of our campaign. All I can say is thank you, thank you thank yo…
Kickstarter  from twitter_favs
4 days ago by mikkelmarius
MIT Media Lab — Kickstarter
Media Lab students, alumni, researchers, or faculty interested in having their project included should contact
ml  kickstarter  ks  resource  commerce  reference 
4 days ago by akamediasystem
The Thousand Demon Tree by Jeffrey Alan Love-Kickstarter
Wordless fantasy graphic novel by Jeffrey Alan Love (who did the wonderful cover for HAMMERS ON BONE)
kickstarter  comics  fantastic_literature 
5 days ago by jbushnell
Star Crossed: The Two-Player Game of Forbidden Love by Bully Pulpit Games — Kickstarter
"In Star Crossed, you and your fellow player will craft characters who are powerfully attracted to each other, but have a compelling reason not to act on their feelings. You’ll watch the attraction between them grow as you play out scenes, taking turns describing what your character says and does. Some of the things you’ll want your character to do are going to increase that attraction—and when that happens, you are going to pull a brick out from an increasingly shaky tower and place it on the top." (Pledging ends May 10)
RPGs  kickstarter 
5 days ago by jbushnell
Kira Mechanical Keyboard by Input Club — Kickstarter
This looks like a pretty intriguing mechanical keyboard—it even has a “Super” key rather than a stupid Windows key.
keyboards  mechanical  kickstarter  2018 
6 days ago by handcoding
Circuit Lab Build-It-All Electronic Starter Kit - Geeky Gadgets
Students or those looking to learn more about electronics may be interested in a new starter kit which has been created by Circuit Lab to provide a build at all interactive circuitry selection box which can help you learn more about electronics, programming and Arduino from your home.
kickstarter  arduino  kit  education 
10 days ago by cyberchucktx
This Dumb Industry: The Death of System Shock - Twenty Sided
It finally happened. I backed a Kickstarter project that spent the money and didn’t manage to create a product. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but it really is a shame it happened to this project in particular.

As I’ve said before, the 1994 classic System Shock was a really important game, both for the industry and on a personal level. It was the first of the immersive sim[1] games, making it the progenitor of Thief, Deus Ex, BioShock, Prey, and (to a lesser extent) the Dishonored series. It’s a game I loved so much I novelized it. The sequel, System Shock 2, is often considered one of the greatest games of all time[2].

So when I saw that Nightdive Studios was crowdfunding a remake of System Shock, I didn’t have much choice in the matter. Of course I was going to support it.
games  industry  Kickstarter 
15 days ago by micktwomey
RasPad Review: Turn your Raspberry Pi Into a Tablet
The RasPad isn’t meant to compete with iPad and other tablets. Instead, it taps into the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, giving digital creatives a portable, convenient tool for their projects.

The RasPad combines the Raspberry Pi, a 10 inch multitouch display, stereo speakers, and a 3-hour battery into a simple, elegant package.
raspberrypi  tablet  kickstarter 
16 days ago by cyberchucktx

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