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KiCad BOM generation - Productize
for next time when you want to make a new PCB and need to generate a bom
kicad  pcb  bill  of  materials 
26 days ago by whlteXbread
KICAD quick library generator
kicad corner quick library symbol generation
kicad  symbol  editor  library 
5 weeks ago by stahl
Tool to convert from Inkscape ito Kicad
kicad  pcb  electronics  tool  svg  art 
6 weeks ago by amcewen
RT : KiCon 2019 Launches as First KiCad User Conference.

KiCAD  EDA  FOSS  from twitter
11 weeks ago by 9600
ruiqimao/keyboard-pcb-guide: Guide on how to design keyboard PCBs with KiCad
Guide on how to design keyboard PCBs with KiCad. Contribute to ruiqimao/keyboard-pcb-guide development by creating an account on GitHub.
kicad  github  pcb  keyboard  hardware  design  guide  diy  electronics  CAD 
december 2018 by newtonapple

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