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MentatInnovations/ An open-source framework for real-time anomaly detection using Python, ElasticSearch and Kibana
An open-source framework for real-time anomaly detection using Python, ElasticSearch and Kibana - MentatInnovations/
anomaly-detection  anomaly  python  elasticsearch  kibana  stream  timeseries  github 
yesterday by newtonapple
"A quick introduction to use the sebp/elk Docker image, which provides a convenient centralised log server and log management web interface, by packaging Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, collectively known as ELK."
logging  logstash  docker  elasticsearch  kibana  metrics 
4 days ago by exnihilo
The Complete Guide to the ELK Stack - 2018 |
The authoritative guide to the ELK Stack that shows the best practices for installation, monitoring, and log analysis.
elk  elasticsearch  kibana  logstash 
18 days ago by holgate
GitHub - grafana/loki: Like Prometheus, but for logs.
"Loki is a horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. It is designed to be very cost effective and easy to operate, as it does not index the contents of the logs, but rather a set of labels for each log stream."
logs  aggregation  search  kibana  fluentd  visualization 
5 weeks ago by devin
Learn how Canvas helps you create pixel-perfect, infographic-inspired, living visualizations in at Elastic{…
Kibana  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by shaneisley

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