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Continuous Authentication - BehavioSec
BehavioSec uses the way your customers type, swipe, and hold their devices, and enables them to authenticate themselves through their own behavior patterns.
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april 2017 by quiz42
Wi-Fi Signal Interference Can Leak Your Passwords and Keystrokes - @Swati_THN
Hackers can steal your sensitive information, such as your Passwords, PINs and Keystrokes, from your phone by observing changes in the wireless signal as you enter them into your smartphones.
- Swati Khandelwal, The Hacker News
otf  wifi  keystroke  privacy  awareness  threat  security 
november 2016 by dmcdev
Hackers Can Spy on Wireless Keyboards From Hundreds of Feet Away - The Atlantic
Wireless keyboards generally protect their users by encrypting the data that they send back to the computers they’re paired with. That way, even if hackers try to listen in on the data stream, they’ll get nothing but an undecipherable mess. Sometimes, however, the encryption isn’t well executed: Last year, a prolific security researcher found a weakness in the encryption used by certain Microsoft keyboards, and built a small device to intercept and decode what’s being typed on them. - Kaveh Wadd...
otf  wireless  keyboard  wifi  security  keystroke  privacy  awareness  encryption  hack 
july 2016 by dmcdev
android - ADB Shell Input Events - Stack Overflow
adb shell input text 'this%sis%san%sexample'


text=$(printf '%s%%s' ${@}) # concatenate and replace spaces with %s
text=${text%%%s} # remove the trailing %s
text=${text//\'/\\\'} # escape single quotes
text=${text//\"/\\\"} # escape double quotes
# echo "[$text]" # debugging

adb shell input text "$text"
android  send  text  command  keyboard  input  keystroke  Dascalescu 
april 2016 by dandv

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