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The terminal command works fine, but you can also install (might be installed by default) gnome-tweak-tool. You can search it in software gui or type

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sudo eopkg it gnome-tweak-tool

This worked for the Ubuntu Budgie remix, too.
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yesterday by kme
Make A Date for Keyboard Maestro
Unzip the archive and open the folder in Finder Move the file to a location on your hard drive where it can be referenced Install the file in Keyboard Maestro Modify the Execute JavaScript
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2 days ago by barbarian_geek - Support
Good explanation of the different Cherry MX types
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2 days ago by gerikson
Keyboard language keeps changing in Windows 10
from 2016 onwards location has changed. (from comments)

Control panel > Language > Advanced settings > Switching input methods > Change language bar hot keys

Be warned, the above doesn't always work - Restarts and Sleep mode can both change keyboard default (usually to US) - I've found no cast-iron solution though creating a new profile can help, though not a particularly satisfactory answer IMHO.
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3 days ago by mikael

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