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LTTng: an open source tracing framework for Linux
LTTng is an open source tracing framework for Linux. Gain insight into your system's behavior today.
profiling  debugging  performance  linux  kernel  analysis  profile  tracing  optimization  sysadmin 
2 days ago by ngaloppo
a little book on OS dev
I'm enjoying it, a good introduction
os  kernel  bios 
4 days ago by sammyt123
build an os
because what I need is a totally obscure goal to chase
os  kernel  diy 
5 days ago by sammyt123
Bare Metal Rust 2: Retarget your compiler so interrupts are not evil | Random Hacks
Random code snippets, projects and musings about software from Eric Kidd, a developer and entrepreneur.
rust  kernel  operating  system 
6 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Linux Kernel Release Model - Linux Kernel Monkey Log
Note This post is based on a whitepaper I wrote at the beginning of 2016 to be used
to help many different companies understand the Linux kernel …
linux  kernel  development 
7 days ago by pankkake
Interactive GPU Programming - Part 2 - Hello OpenCL
This is really the same article as Part 1 - Hello CUDA, but with the focus on OpenCL, so I'll skip most of the narration and just show you the code.
clojure  gpu  kernel 
8 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Interactive GPU Programming - Part 1 - Hello CUDA
Today, fast number crunching means parallel programs that run on Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). Thanks to the recent highly publicized deep learning and ...
clojure  gpu  kernel 
8 days ago by ianweatherhogg

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