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f0rb1dd3n/Reptile: LKM Linux rootkit
Give root to unprivileged users
Hide files and directories
Hide files contents
Hide processes
Hide himself
Hidden boot persistence
ICMP/UDP/TCP port-knocking backdoor
Full TTY/PTY shell with file transfer
Client to handle Reptile Shell
kernel  linux  security 
4 days ago by whip_lash
How to Compile a Linux Kernel
Once upon a time the idea of upgrading the Linux kernel sent fear through the hearts of many a user. Back then, the process of upgrading the kernel involved a lot of steps and even more time. Now, installing a new kernel can be easily handled with package managers like apt. With the addition of certain repositories, you can even easily install experimental or specific kernels (such as real-time kernels for audio production) without breaking a sweat.
linux  kernel 
12 days ago by p6ril
Anatomy of a system call, part 1 []
"System calls are the primary mechanism by which user-space programs interact with the Linux kernel. Given their importance, it's not surprising to discover that the kernel includes a wide variety of mechanisms to ensure that system calls can be implemented generically across architectures, and can be made available to user space in an efficient and consistent way."
c  development  linux  kernel  lowlevel  programming 
14 days ago by joecamel

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