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On how we leveraged insights to retain & motivate youth volunteers serving in - 's go…
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16 days ago by Varna
Big win for Jamii Telecom in Sh2.5bn licence fees push - Business Daily
Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom will, however, miss out on law change benefit owing to shareholding.
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26 days ago by stevesong
Drones are robots that fly, drive or swim. They can acquire better data more quickly and deliver cargo more rapidly. Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence enable drones to automatically collect and analyze data that can inform better decisions. Robotics and AI are radically transforming major industries in the world’s richest countries. WeRobotics’ mission is to sustainably localize appropriate robotics solutions in low-income countries to accelerate the positive impact of aid, health, development and environmental efforts.
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4 weeks ago by pgorrindo
Kenya Open Data
The Kenya Open Data is a portal that makes public Government datasets accessible for free to the public in easy reusable formats. This initiative is in support of the Government’s drive to consistently inform and be accountable to its citizens. In addition, the information shared by one Government office is also vital to other government stakeholders in planning and implementation of their programmes.

County Governments and Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Central Government are encouraged to provide their developmental, demographic, statistical and expenditure data, which can then be availed in a useful digital format to various stakeholders and the general public.
data  kenya  open  visualization 
4 weeks ago by pgorrindo
Nairobi Garage - Connect // Co-work // Create
Welcome to a new way of working - Nairobi Garage. Full-service, coworking office space for innovative teams and entrepreneurs. We help businesses become awesome faster. With excellent facilities in Westlands & Kilimani - get your seat at Nairobi's top business space. Grow your network and upgrade your office life today
cowork  entrepreneurship  nairobi  kenya  startup 
5 weeks ago by pgorrindo
My first ever academic publication! Part of a larger special issue on 2017 elections. My article focuses on…
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6 weeks ago by jod999

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