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Home for the night. There are certainly worse B&Bs available...
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3 days ago by jottevanger
Blackthorn | Plant-Lore
1. Every year our Mayor, even if being re-elected, is presented with a Black Thorne Stick carefully chosen from the stunted said trees on the Sandwich Marshes…
garden  woodland  plants  history  reference  sandwich  kent 
5 days ago by asaltydog
loving Deal, this weekend with team member Catherine taking the train to the beach. Fastest train to D…
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6 days ago by loco2
Rediscover Walmer's Pleasure Grounds | English Heritage
In a £2.3m project at Walmer Castle, English Heritage is taking action to revive and reunite gardens begun by William Pitt the Younger, assisted by his niece, Lady Hester Stanhope.

The wild flower meadow known as the Paddock and the planted former chalk quarry called the Glen were once part of a delightful 19th-century garden landscape.
architecture  castle  woodland  park  english  medieval  history  garden  plants  landscape  design  wildflowers  meadows  conservation  walmer  kent 
10 days ago by asaltydog
The White Horse, Dover - An award winning public house in the historic part of Dover | The White Horse, Dover
Sitting in the shadow of Dover Castle and beside the ruins of a Norman Church, you will find the White Horse Inn, an award winning public house in the historic part of Dover, Kent.
pubs  restaurant  lunch  dover  kent 
24 days ago by asaltydog
Public Rights of Way
The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CROW Act) | The map shows all of the public rights of way in the county of Kent.
government  regions  travel  guide  cycling  walking  gps  maps  satellite  navigation  coordinates  maidstone  kent  geography 
5 weeks ago by asaltydog
Eagle Vets
Services We provide a comprehensive diagnostic and surgical service Read more Referrals Setting new standards in Orthopaedic & Soft tissue referrals.
medicine  health  domestic  wildlife  veterinary  surgery  minster  kent 
6 weeks ago by asaltydog
SO much happening at Molly Moodle Media, really exciting times 🍊

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7 weeks ago by krishnau
RT : We want to help carry on supporting young people in . As part of our we are looking to raise £20…
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7 weeks ago by mildlydiverting
Kent Traffic Information
Use this interactive map to find traffic incidents, congestion, road closures and view CCTV cameras.
travel  regions  roadworks  traffic  restrictions  closures  diversions  interactive  maps  surveillance  camera  kent 
9 weeks ago by asaltydog

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