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No ethics for the Supreme Court
Lower court decides it has no authority to review the ethics of Supreme Court justices
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7 weeks ago by nelson
RT : dodges “serious” ethics complaint by moving to , evading jurisdiction of ethics panel over…
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december 2018 by DocDre
Anger Fast & Slow - Political Economy Research Centre - Will Davies
Adding the prefix ‘slow’ to things has become a new type of bourgeois affectation: slow food, slow fashion, slow news. But where anger is concerned, the need for anger to be slowed down seems pressing. To be against anger altogether – as if it’s irrational or vengeful or violent – is to buy into a form of political quietism, or liberal complacency about the adequacy of procedural justice. As Hannah Arendt wrote in On violence, “rage and violence turn irrational only when they are directed against substitutes.”[xii] But if anger is to be directed where it is deserved – where it is apt – not only must this avoid the problem of scape-goating, but it must be insulated from the culture of affective noise and scattergun violence that is gradually taking over the public sphere.
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november 2018 by max_read
Remember when Collins said YES on ?

Joining her that day in solidarity was Cindy Hyde-Smith who is up fo…
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november 2018 by miaeaton
Kavanaugh seems to break with conservatives in death penalty case
"Are you saying even if the method creates gruesome and brutal pain you can still do it because there's no alternative?" Kavanaugh asked John Sauer, the state's solicitor general.
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november 2018 by imaginaryfriend
Kavanaugh is lying. His upbringing explains why. - The Washington Post
admission is less about talent and more about coming from the right family. In that way, privilege casts inherited advantages as “exceptional” qualities that justify special treatment. No wonder that, when the poor lie, they’re more likely to do so to help others, according to research by Derek D. Rucker, Adam D. Galinsky and David Dubois, whereas when the rich lie, they’re more likely to do it to help themselves.

"This collective agreement that accountability doesn’t apply to Kavanaugh (and, by extension, anybody in a similar position who was a youthful delinquent) may help explain why he seems to believe he can lie with impunity — a trend he continued Thursday, when he informed senators that he hadn’t seen the testimony of his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, even though a committee aide told the Wall Street Journal he’d been watching.
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november 2018 by emmacarlson
Respectfully, , your vote negated every single criticism of Trump you've ever made, or will ev…
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november 2018 by tranqy
When I see rise to the bench of the , it's impossible for me to take heart that "th…
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october 2018 by userX

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