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Screens Might Be as Bad for Mental Health as ... Potatoes | WIRED
Why to be skeptical about TECH IS KILLING US moral panics.
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7 days ago by dsalo
RT : Edtech action: concepts embed themselves in classrooms while other innovations remain a few years out…
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12 days ago by douglevin
What's Recent for K-12 'Blackbaud's Education Management' Products
If you've just getting caught up on emails and other messages, look here for information about previous release letters. Tip: The current release letter is called "What's New.
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22 days ago by po
FabLearn: Digital Fabrication in Education
"FabLearn disseminates ideas, best practices and resources to support an international community of educators, researchers and policy makers committed to integrating the principles of educational makerspaces and constructionist learning into formal and informal K-12 education."
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26 days ago by warnick
RT : Doodling in class often gets a bad rap. But research shows it's actually a good thing.
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4 weeks ago by rohdesign
Learning lessons from data controversies | code acts in education
REALLY NICE overview of Big Data in education and why it's problematic.
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4 weeks ago by dsalo

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