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CLR vs JVM: How the Battle Between .NET and Java Extends to the VM-Level
The battle between Java and .NET is never ending, find out how differences at the VM-level affect this debate
virtualmachine  jvm 
yesterday by ken30096
Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM. This project aims to offer some concurrent data structures currently missing from the JDK
java  jvm  library  concurrency  data-structure  queues 
5 days ago by bkittelmann
(236) Detect Java Memory Leaks - YouTube
This video shows how to track down memory leaks using jvisualvm in profiling mode.
java  jvm  scala  debugging 
10 days ago by darkwater
java - How to analyze heap data from .hprof file and use it to reduce memory leaks? - Stack Overflow
This page gives you tips on tracking down memory leaks using .hprof files, which you can get java to automatically create on OOM exceptions.
java  scala  jvm  debugging 
10 days ago by darkwater
Mercury: A Visual Basic-compatible programming language for all Platforms | Elements
With RemObjects Elements, you can use the Visual Basic-compatible Mercury language to develop for any platform - from Android to .NET, from WebAssembly to native Linux and Windows.
vbnet  reimplementation  compatible  programming  language  multiplatform  jvm  webassembly 
15 days ago by gilberto5757

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