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Mockito VS Powermock – Yuhui Zhang's Blog
Powermock dose the mock in more aggressive way, it uses custom class loader and manipulates class byte code so that testers can do the mock on a lot more things like static method, private method, constructors and even static initializer.
mockito  powermock  junit  java  development  code  programming 
3 days ago by bsantanna
RT : 5.5 RC2 has been released!

⏱ Implicit String conversions for all java.time types in parameterized tests
JUnit  from twitter
4 days ago by hiro
Testing your database migrations with Flyway and Testcontainers - codecentric AG Blog
Testcontainers is a Java library that integrates with JUnit to provide throwaway instances of databases and other services in the form of Docker containers. If you are using JUnit 5, you can simply use the Testcontainers extension.
postgres  junit  testing  testcontainers 
13 days ago by pks
5.5 RC1 Milestone · GitHub
Zero open issues for 5.5 RC1. Something's brewing! ☕️ 💻 /cc
JUnit  from twitter_favs
18 days ago by reinhard_codes
Migrating from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5 | Baeldung
JUnit4에서 마이그레이션 하는데 참고했던 아티클
junit  migration  test 
21 days ago by ncrash
Unit test your Java architecture - ArchUnit
Start enforcing your architecture within 30 minutes using the test setup you already have.
architecture  junit  Java  testing  architect  opensource  development  framework  qa  2019 
5 weeks ago by dchesters
Effective Unit testing with Kotlin by Danny Preussler
onBlocking, coverify, runBlocking, CompletableDeferred, TestCoroutineContext, advanceTimeBy, job.getCompletionExceptionOrNull(), Dispatchers.setMain(), Dispatchers.resetMain()
android  androidmakers  2019  paris  france  youtube  videos  testing  junit  kotlin  mocking  mockk  mockito  coroutines  deferred 
6 weeks ago by tp78
Matchers and assertThat · junit-team/junit4 Wiki · GitHub
assertThat(x, is(3));
assertThat(x, is(not(4)));
assertThat(responseString, either(containsString("color")).or(containsString("colour")));
assertThat(myList, hasItem("3"));
junit  offical  unit-testing  command 
7 weeks ago by bigpicbruh
Home · junit-team/junit4 Wiki · GitHub
A programmer-oriented testing framework for Java. Contribute to junit-team/junit4 development by creating an account on GitHub.
junit  documentation  offical  github 
7 weeks ago by bigpicbruh

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