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Fusion.js is a web application framework for building high quality universal applications. It provides a modular architecture with a strong focus on testability and maintainability.
fusion  fusionjs  javascript  framework  web  universal  programming  server  ssr  react  reactjs  jsx  plugin  uber 
5 weeks ago by vicchow
JSX In Depth – React
JSX in depth - From the React documentation.
VueJs  JSX  React  Component 
6 weeks ago by lost_in_space
A Brief Introduction to JSX
JSX is language extension for writing the UI logic for your React components. It gets transpiled by Babel to calls to React.createElement. Even though opinions are very polarized about the use of JSX, you’ll find that most React developers really enjoy it. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  react  jsx 
7 weeks ago by themagicteeth
Whoa, this is super cool. Ever heard of ?. It lets you mix React pages in documents. Thats cool…
mdx  Markdown  JSX  from twitter
7 weeks ago by technovangelist

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