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Hjson, a user interface for JSON
Hjson, a user interface for JSON. Adds comments, makes it nicer to read and avoids comma mistakes.
16 hours ago by zchi
Jaunt - Java Web Scraping & JSON Querying
Jaunt is a stable, free Java library for web scraping and JSON querying that makes it easy to submit forms, extract data from tables, and access the DOM when you need to create web-bots, interface with web-apps, or access HTML, XML, or JSON.
parsing  query  json  Java  html 
yesterday by phatblat
simply edit geojson map data
geojson  mapping  tool  map  gis  tools  maps  geo  json  javascript 
2 days ago by pottedmeat
An Introduction to Node.js
In this article I’ll take a beginner-friendly, high-level look at Node.js and its main paradigms. I’ll examine Node’s main use cases, as well as the current state of the Node landscape, and offer you a wide range of jumping off points (for further reading) along the way.
programming  json  webdesign 
3 days ago by tero
json tools
jsonfold, jsonxlsx, ...
3 days ago by FTS

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