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"A Suite of JavaScript libraries and framework extensions to help you answer the question: Does my application work in real life?" (convergence, interactor, react)
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3 hours ago by yetanotherjosh
Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers.
scroll  js  animation 
yesterday by kgl
Reliably distribute JavaScript SDKs and widgets at scale - Didomi Blog
When we first started distributing our JavaScript SDK, we went from 0 to millions of page views per day in a few days. We have been growing pretty fast since then and we are proud of our 100% uptime so far. This is the story of how we set up our infrastructure for painless scale….
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yesterday by arisco97
Bootstrapping a JavaScript Library
Quick and concise guide to creating and organizing your first JavaScript library - by Roberto Dip
yesterday by arisco97
Hosted Libraries  |  Hosted Libraries  |  Google Developers
A stable, reliable, high-speed, globally available content distribution network for the most popular open-source JavaScript libraries.
performance  js 
yesterday by arisco97
fetch API
One of the worst kept secrets about AJAX on the web is that the underlying API for it, XMLHttpRequest, wasn't really made for what we've been using it for. We've done well to create elegant APIs around XHR but we know we can do better. Our effort to do better is the fetch API.
js  fetch 
yesterday by yunior
Modal plugin written in pure JavaScript - Tingle
A minimalist and easy-to-use modal plugin written in pure JavaScript
js  plugin  modal 
yesterday by yunior
Getting started with gulp — Mark Goodyear — Front-end developer and designer
Step aside Grunt, there's a new task runner in town. Gulp is an intuitive, code-over-configuration, streaming build system. It's fast.
js  gulp  tutorial 
yesterday by yunior
Simple for use node html crawler (spider) of site web pages
Simple for use node html crawler (spider) of site web pages
node  javascript  js  crawler  scraper 
yesterday by michaelfox
The Vue Handbook
a thorough introduction to Vue.js
vue.js  js  javascript  tutorial  guide  webdev 
yesterday by pax

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