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What is the role of journalists in holding artificial intelligence accountable?
Examples here from the Wall Street Journal - interactives they made to demonstrate how algorithms work.
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4 hours ago by macloo
I wrote this as a journalist hoping to reach other white people...

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11 hours ago by kitoconnell
ENOUGH with the Jordan Peterson Online Translation Service

Liana Kerzner, one of the most trustworthy and nuanced on YT since Gamergate, on the JBP-OpEd in the NYTimes and the billion misleading JBP-Explainers: „I'm sick of being told what he ACTUALLY means. Why can't he speak for himself and make sense?“
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16 hours ago by walt74
FOIA-based releases of US goverment documents.
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21 hours ago by mjlassila
Face It, You Just Don't Care About the News Anymore
Shorenstein fellow essay

"From Game of Thrones to Orange Is the New Black, from telenovelas to Turkish soaps, screen drama is now feeding the appetite for what used to be a major appeal of the news."

"On the other side, we have long, collaborative, detailed, and expensively produced reporting and investigations that often take months or years of work. This longform and long-term journalism is far more expensive and in-depth than the news stories that dominated journalism for a long time, functioning more like nonfiction literature.

Whatever we have between these two is an increasingly less viable form of news."
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yesterday by reginalawrence
Calculating the Work Behind Our Work — ProPublica
Verifying 4,969 names. Driving 1,493 miles for interviews. Fact-checking 291 facts for one story … twice. Here are some hidden costs of our reporting.
yesterday by danwin
The CANADALAND Guide to Jordan B. Peterson
„Why did an obscure Canadian psychology prof suddenly become an international media star?“ Link:

Interessante Frage, einfach zu beantworten: Man ignoriert seine Argumente, schreibt dann bis auf wenige Ausnahmen oberflächliche Hitpieces über die jeder, der nur ein paar seiner Vorträge gesehen hat, lachend mit dem Kopf schütteln kann und wundert sich schließlich, warum die eigene Reputation auf den Nullpunkt sinkt, während Jordan Peterson zum internationalen Star wird.

Der Aufstieg von Peterson ist indeed eine Medien-Story und ihre (neue?) Unfähigkeit zu Recherche und ausgewogener Berichterstattung.

Needless to say: Told you so.
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yesterday by walt74

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