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The Oxygen of Amplification | Data & Society
the report provides a snapshot of an industry caught between the pressure to deliver page views, the impulse to cover manipulators and “trolls,” and the disgust (expressed in interviewees’ own words) of accidentally propagating extremist ideology.
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Assessing Local Journalism
Duke/Phil Napoli report on local info needs not being met
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Post Agile: embracing asynchronous processes - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Good brief history of software dev over the last few decades.

“For better or worse, #Scrum has nominally replaced waterfall as something that is easy enough to grasp for organizations to restyle themselves as #Agile without actually changing that much”
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WaPo Keeps Publishing False Claims About Medicare-for-All – People's Policy Project
Despite acknowledging that this claim was false and issuing a correction about it, the Washington Post continues to publish it.

Astonishingly, Glenn Kessler himself published another piece on August 10 with this exact same falsehood in it.
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