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Iodide: an experimental tool for scientific communication and exploration on the web – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Meet Iodide, an experimental open source tool to help scientists write beautiful interactive documents using web technologies, all within a browser-based iterative workflow that will be familiar to many scientists.
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yesterday by Aoterra
"PoC||GTFO (Proof of Concept or Get The Fuck Out) follows in the tradition of Phrack and Uninformed by publishing on the subjects of offensive security research, reverse engineering, and file format internals. Until now, the journal has only been available online or printed and distributed for free at hacker conferences worldwide. "
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2 days ago by abstresma
Surveillance & Society
The international, interdisciplinary, open access, peer-reviewed journal of Surveillance Studies.
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4 days ago by cogdog
The Journal of Sex Research
" The Journal of Sex Research (JSR) is a scholarly journal devoted to the publication of articles relevant to the variety of disciplines involved in the scientific study of sexuality. JSR is designed to stimulate research and promote an interdisciplinary understanding of the diverse topics in contemporary sexual science. JSR publishes empirical reports, brief reports, theoretical essays, review articles, methodological articles, commentaries, and letters to the editor. We do not accept personal narratives or case reports. Each year we publish the Annual Review of Sex Research, an issue devoted to comprehensive reviews of current topics in sexual science. JSR actively seeks submissions from researchers outside of North America."
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6 days ago by loimprevisto

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