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Will high stress kill you, save your life, or neither? - 80,000 Hours
Our main conclusions are:

The consensus among researchers seems to be that stress is good when it’s moderate in intensity (not too low or too high) and when it’s short-term, rather than on-going.
Intense and on-going stress is strongly linked to poor health, including a weakened immune system, heart disease, depression and anxiety disorders, and higher chance of death.
Some studies have found a correlation between negative health outcomes and believing that stress is bad for your health, but it is hard to draw causal conclusions from these findings. However, there is experimental evidence that reframing stress as an opportunity rather than as a threat leads to better performance and better cardiovascular health at least in the short term.
Some studies suggest that people in higher responsibility positions, with greater job demands, have better health outcomes and are less stressed than people in lower responsibility positions. This may be because those in higher responsibility positions also tend to have greater autonomy, control and power.
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2018 Top States for Doing Business: Georgia Ranks #1 Fifth Year in a Row - Area Development
Competitive labor environments and leading workforce development programs, low taxes and utility costs, favorable regulatory environments, and cooperative state governments are among the top-ranked states’ pro-business attributes.
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Find a job you love. Make your next hire | Vettery
Vettery is a hiring marketplace built to connect top employers with tech, sales and finance talent. Create a profile to find your dream job!
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Toptal - Hire Freelance Talent from the Top 3%
Toptal enables start-ups, businesses, and organizations to hire freelancers from a growing network of top talent in the world. Find quality talent to work full-time, part-time, or hourly who will seamlessly integrate into your team.
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How to delete at commands
a little trick to remove all at jobs :

atrm $(atq | cut -f1)
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Untitled (
„Executive Vice Pleasident“ - wie genial ist das bitte!!!
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