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JIRA 是最受欢迎的项目管理工具之一,也是软件开发团队的首选。如今有数以百万计的用户正在使用 JIRA 做计划、开发、记录问题、跟踪进度,从而快速发布新软件
18 hours ago by ywz
netspooky/jLoot: JIRA Secure Attachment Looter
jLoot is a tool that can be used to enumerate attachments to JIRA tickets.

When files are attached to issues in JIRA, they are given a sequential number and stored. While there are access controls on most installations, if a JIRA was meant to be public, or if it was misconfigured by the organization, the files are easily iterable.
jira  pentest 
yesterday by whip_lash
Family – The Slackification of the American Home (The Atlantic)
Stretched for time, some households are starting to operate more like businesses. (By Taylor Lorenz, Joe Pinsker; July 11, 2019) [Title tag headline: The Families Who Use Slack, Asana, Trello, and Jira.]
family  parenting  slack  trello  jira  asana  life  is:article 
2 days ago by jmi
Adaptavist Library
Keep all your Atlassian app scripts in one place.
. Library of ScriptRunner code.
jira  scriptrunner 
3 days ago by philtrocity
Issue Templates for Jira | Atlassian Marketplace
Jira add-on (commercial) that allows for the creation of templates. Can do templates for epics, too.
jira  automation  addon  commercial 
9 days ago by onnodb
Integrating design with Dual-track Scrum and JIRA · Devbridge
We now knew that designers had to be completing designs ahead of the developers, yet, we were still falling behind, especially at the start of a project. The reason that we felt so behind in the beginning of a project was because we were starting design work at the same time as development, therefore, we were not getting the time we need to get ahead of development. In a perfect world, sprint one would be where we work on designs for sprint two. In order to do this we need to start a project ahead of developers.
scrum  agile  Design  jira 
9 days ago by lendamico
J2M - Convert from JIRA text formatting to GitHub Flavored MarkDown and back again
Convert from JIRA text formatting to GitHub Flavored MarkDown and back again
github  coding  markdown  jira 
11 days ago by willtonkin
Jell - Daily Standups for Effective Teams
A platform for daily standups, team check-ins and OKRs.
agile  management  productivity  ios  android  github  slack  gsuite  jira  trello  clubhouse 
22 days ago by keimlink
Scrum Poker for Jira | Atlassian Marketplace
RT : Yay! Finally Scrum Poker for Jira is approved and available for Jira Data Center
poker  datacenter  jira  scum  from twitter
27 days ago by stefanscheidt

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