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RT : Wow has gone the Russian option & only recognised WEST not Trump option of ALL of Jerusalem.…
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4 weeks ago by kcarruthers
Saudi King Urges Int’l Community to Deter Iran’s Destabilizing Actions | Asharq AL-awsat
He stressed the Palestinian people’s right to obtain all of their legitimate rights, starting with the establishment of their own independent state with east Jerusalem as its capital.
KingSalman  Saudi-Arabia  Jerusalem  two-state_solution 
8 weeks ago by elizrael
Nigel Slater’s Jerusalem artichoke recipes | Food | The Guardian
made Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, black pudding vegan with vegetarian black pudding
cooked  jerusalem  artichoke  sunchoke 
8 weeks ago by noii
Israel worried US peace plan will include Jerusalem as Palestinian capital
Israel is worried the American peace plan would include a declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of two states—Israel and Palestine—in an effort to convince Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to return to the negotiating table.
"Trump wants a deal and he's very serious," a senior Israeli official said. "To the Americans, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is relatively easy to resolve and is ripe for the picking."

The official said that if the Republicans lose power in the upcoming midterm elections, Trump might increase his efforts to reach a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so he could run for his second term with a big foreign policy achievement under his belt.
TrumpAdministration  Peace_Process  Jerusalem  unnamed_official 
12 weeks ago by elizrael
Publications | Terra Sancta Museum
published by Edizioni di Terra Santa

Selected Works of the collection of the Terra Sancta Museum, Ed. Sara Cibin, being printed
Maria Pia Pettinau Vescina, Le collezioni tessili della Custodia di Terra Santa, being printed
liturgy  textiles  israel  palestine  jerusalem  catholic  books 
august 2018 by benjekman

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