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How to add Jenkins credentials with curl or Ansible — Get into DevOps
Recently while building a Pipeline as a Service implementation, I faced the
challenge of adding credentials into Jenkins via a script.
jenkins  ansible 
16 hours ago by dsh1705
jenkins/jenkinsfile-runner - Docker Hub
Jenkinsfile Runner is an experiment to package Jenkins pipeline execution as a command line tool.
docker  jenkins 
20 hours ago by vrt
Deploying frontend applications — the fun way – Hacker Noon
In this post I will tell you how I deploy my frontend applications using GitHub, Jenkins, Docker and Digital Ocean. I had some doubts through my learning journey so I decided to put up what I learned…
docker  jenkins  continuousintegration  continuousdelivery 
4 days ago by ElliotPsyIT
Installing Jenkins with Docker - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki
docker run -d -p 49001:8080 -v $PWD/jenkins:/var/jenkins_home:z -t jenkins
jenkins  docker 
6 days ago by bmacauley

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