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Opinion | Jazz on the Edge of Change - The New York Times
I'd only seen James Reese Europe's name mentioned in passing in jazz histories.
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Lester Young &Coleman Hawkins 1958 - YouTube
Sept. 25, 1958, on Art Ford's Jazz Party, WNTA-TV. Personnel:
Charlie Shavers (trumpet), J.C.Higginbotham (trombone), Pee Wee Russell (clarinet), Coleman Hawkins (tenor saxophone), Lester Young (tenor saxophone), Willie "The Lion" Smith (piano), Harry Shepherd (vibraphone), Dick Thompson (guitar), Vinnie Burke (bass), and Sonny Greer (drums).
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Lester Young - Mean To Me (1958) - YouTube
A rare Lester Young performance of "Mean To Me" on "Art Ford's Jazz Party", September 25, 1958. Broadcast by Danmarks Radio.
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