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What is Axios.js and why should I care? – Eric Kollegger – Medium
In a nutshell, Axios is a Javascript library used to make HTTP requests from node.js or XMLHttpRequests from the browser that also supports the ES6 Promise API. Great, so from that we gather it does something that we can already do and that has recently been made significantly better… So why bother?
Axios.js  Library  JavaScript  XMLHttpRequest  Medium  Article 
57 minutes ago by searchmeister
Glider.js - A fast, lightweight carousel alternative
a sort of substitute for a carousel (they say). Doesn't have infinite loop. Manual image change slider with touch feature
webdesign  web  design  slider  carousel  glider  js  javascript  script  slideshow 
1 hour ago by piperh
Promised based HTTP client for the browser
A well respected library for performing XMLHttpRequests and obeying the promise API.
Axios  browser  Library  JavaScript  XMLHttpRequest  promise  API 
1 hour ago by searchmeister
Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler
javascript  library 
2 hours ago by alphajuliet
Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time
javascript  performance 
4 hours ago by linuslundahl
GoogleChromeLabs/quicklink: ⚡️Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time
⚡️Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time - GoogleChromeLabs/quicklink
performance  html  javascript  lib  google 
4 hours ago by HusseinMorsy
A crash course on serverless-side rendering with React.js, Next.js and AWS Lambda | Statsbot Blog
We want the best of both worlds. The SEO boost server-side rendering provides, and the speed of a Single Page Application. Today I'll show you all this while hosting it basically for free in a serverless environment on AWS Lambda.
serverless  react  react.js  node.js  next.js  aws  lambda  javascript 
6 hours ago by nharbour

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