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oncebot/popbox.js: A tiny and simple stackable modal plugin for web apps
A tiny and simple stackable modal plugin for web apps - oncebot/popbox.js
modal  javascript  stack 
11 minutes ago by oppara
hallettj/safety-lens: Type-safe, functional lens library
Type-safe, functional lens library. Contribute to hallettj/safety-lens development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  flowtype  library  haskell  functional-programming  flow  lens 
1 hour ago by mAAdhaTTah
Build a Blog with React and Markdown using Gatsby from @taylorbell on @eggheadio
A large part of a software developer’s time is spent searching the internet for answers to a never-ending stream of questions. Often, the answers we find are on blogs written by people who’ve been there, and found a solution. Isn’t it time you paid it forward?
Gatsby.js is a static site generator for React with a plugin ecosystem that makes it super easy to publish.
In this course, you’ll build a Gatsby site that transforms Markdown documents from your local filesystem into HTML. Fro...
static-site-generator  react  egghead  node.js  javascript 
2 hours ago by nharbour
danburzo/percollate: 🌐 → 📖 A command-line tool to turn web pages into beautifully formatted PDFs
🌐 → 📖 A command-line tool to turn web pages into beautifully formatted PDFs - danburzo/percollate
javascript  pdf  nodejs  tools  generator  cli  web 
5 hours ago by e2b
A javascript library that extends D3.js to enable fast and beautiful visualizations.
d3  visualisation  javascript  library 
7 hours ago by alphajuliet
Using Handlebars with Express | Packt Hub
In this article written by Paul Wellens, author of the book Practical Web Development, we cover a brief description about the following topics: Templates
howto  dev  javascript  server 
7 hours ago by monks1975

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