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Gathering weak npm credentials

Or how I obtained direct publish access to 13% of npm packages (including popular ones).
The estimated number of packages potentially reachable through dependency chains is 52%.
security  javascript  hype 
19 hours ago by pankkake
Array helper methods in ES6 – Voon Ming Hann – Medium
const arr = [{name:”James”,age:18}, {name:”Alice”,age:20}]
const person_names = =>
programming  javascript  array  helpers  foreach  each  loop  es6 
19 hours ago by chris.corwin
Macy.js — A lightweight, dependency free, JavaScript masonry layout library
Macy.js is a lightweight, dependency-free, 4kb masonry layout library, designed for a hassle-free configuration.
javascript  gallery  webdev 
19 hours ago by mikael
JavaScript for Designers
Tired of being the "designer that doesn't know JavaScript"
Tired of copy/pasting bloated JavaScript into your projects
Excited to own the entire front-end experience
Ready to build fully functional HTML prototypes
javascript  webdesign 
20 hours ago by josephaleo

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