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Why Kodak Died and Fujifilm Thrived: A Tale of Two Film Companies
The Kodak moment is gone, but today Fujifilm thrives after a massive reorganization. Here is a detailed analysis based on firsthand accounts from top executives and factual financial data to understand how and why the destinies of two similar companies went in opposite directions.
The Situation before the Film Crisis: A Profitable and Secure Market
Even though Kodak and Fujifilm produced cameras, their core business was centered on film and post-processing sales. According to Forbes, Kodak “gladly gave away cameras in exchange for getting people hooked on paying to have their photos developed — yielding Kodak a nice annuity in the form of 80% of the market for the chemicals and paper used to develop and print those photos.”
Inside Kodak, this was known as the “silver halide” strategy named after the chemical compounds in its film. It was a fantastic success story. This business strategy was similar to Gillette’s or that of printer manufacturers: give away razors or printers to make money on blades and ink cartridges. Indeed, Fujifilm introduced the disposable 35mm camera to the masses in 1986 before being joined by Kodak in 1988. Film was everything to them.
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17 Alternative Destinations to Explore Japan off the Beaten Path
"Even if it’s your first visit to the country (and if it is, don’t miss these awesome Japan travel tips for first time visitors) my biggest piece of advice is to go off the beaten track, at least once. Of course you should visit the big cities and the major tourist sites, but it’s in smaller towns and less touristy places that you can truly discover the “real Japan”. On both my visits, it was in the less-known cities that I felt much more connected to Japan – and there’s simply so much to see everywhere you go. Plus each region has its own cuisine, so you CAN’T just go to one area! Keep reading for a some amazing options to help you get off the beaten track in Japan…"
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Japan's Hometown Tax | Kalzumeus Software
Great explanation and analysis of Japan's furusato nouzei
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