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The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations - CityLab
The nation’s famed mastery of rail travel has been aided by some subtle behavioral tricks.
railways  transportation  psychology  nudge  review  Japan  CityLab  TheAtlantic  2018 
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NTT DoCoMo, Huawei use IAB technology to boost mmWave coverage, capacity | FierceWireless
"NTT DoCoMo and Huawei recently conducted a trial using Integrated Access Backhaul (IAB) technology to significantly improve millimeter wave coverage and capacity in the 39 GHz band."

"The technology involves the use of a compact focal lens antenna made with metamaterials to achieve advanced beamforming (with a maximum gain of 31 dBi) that concentrates radio waves in a specified direction for long-distance transmission."

"Beamforming mitigates interference between the wireless-backhaul and wireless-access links and enables simultaneous data transmissions over the same frequency."
mmwave  antennas  metamaterials  NTTDoCoMo  Huawei  FierceWireless  Japan 
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The Japanese self-help book "The Courage to be Disliked" is coming out in English — Quartzy
The thinking is founded on western Alderian psychology and is still relevant across cultures and centuries.  
self-help  personal  japan 
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