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Like those low gas prices? Thank the global oil glut | NPR
Gas is relatively cheap these days. Enjoy those low prices, but don't get used to them, analysts say. Scott Montgomery, lecturer of international studies at the UW, is quoted.
Montgomery.Scott  NPR  !UWitM  2019  Jackson.School.International.Studies  natl 
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Analysis: Garbage collection in Syria is crucial to fighting the Islamic State | The Conversation
"Just a few years ago, I was a diplomat working on the Turkish-Syrian border. My job was managing the U.S. government team responsible for delivering aid to Syrian towns and cities loyal to the Syrian opposition," writes Mark Ward, lecturer of international studies at the UW.
Ward.Mark  Jackson.School.International.Studies  !UWitM  2019  natl  The.Conversation  opinion.analysis 
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US university teaches students Inuktitut through funding prompted by Sputnik launch | CBC News
At least a dozen students who have passed through the University of Washington in the last decade have some fluency in Inuktitut, thanks in part to investments in language education prompted by the launch of Sputnik. Nadine Fabbi, managing director of the Canadian Studies program at the UW, is quoted.
CBC  !UWitM  2019  natl  Jackson.School.International.Studies  Fabbi.Nadine  Department:Canadian.Studies 
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals Jewish ancestry at Hanukkah event | USA Today
Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surprised the crowd at a Hanukkah event in New York on Sunday with a revelation that she has Jewish heritage. The Stroum Center for Jewish Studies at the UW is mentioned.
Stroum.Center.Jewish.Studies  Jackson.School.International.Studies  !UWitM  2018  USA.Today  natl 
6 weeks ago by uwnews
Analysis: Cheap oil is blocking progress on climate change | The Conversation
"And it may seem logical that low oil prices benefit consumers, countries, even the world. When consumers save money on gas, they can spend it elsewhere. Yet, I argue that climate change makes this view obsolete," writes Scott Montgomery, lecturer of international studies at the UW.
Montgomery.Scott  !UWitM  2018  Climate.Change  The.Conversation  opinion.analysis  natl  Jackson.School.International.Studies 
6 weeks ago by uwnews
US offered chicken to address Soviet food shortages in the 1990s | NPR
As we've been hearing this week, people have very different memories of the late President George H. W. Bush. But ask someone from the former Soviet Union about Bush, and they're likely to think of... his legs. Sasha Senderovich, assistant professor of international studies, is quoted.
Senderovich.Sasha  !UWitM  2018  natl  NPR  Jackson.School.International.Studies 
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Everything you ever wanted to know about trolls | The Stranger
Ann-Charlotte Gavel Adams, professor emeritus of Swedish studies at the UW, has spent her entire academic career publishing scholarship and teaching classes about the trolls inhabiting Scandinavian literature and folklore. In her hands, the subject is much more interesting than the digital parlor game of a bunch of people on the internet.
The.Stranger  !UWitM  2018  regl  Gavel.Adams.Ann-Charlotte  Department:Swedish.Studies  Department:Scandinavian.Studies  Jackson.School.International.Studies  College:Arts&Sciences 
6 weeks ago by uwnews
Masthead briefing: Daniel Bessner on 'taking Soros seriously' | The Atlantic
"The Masthead" editor Matt Peterson spoke with Daniel Bessner, assistant professor of international studies at the UW, about George Soros’s 1997 Atlantic cover story. "The Masthead" is a podcast from The Atlantic.
Bessner.Daniel  !UWitM  2018  natl  The.Atlantic  Jackson.School.International.Studies 
7 weeks ago by uwnews
Opinion: Muslims must combat anti-Semitism in our midst | The Seattle Times
"In the early hours of Saturday, Oct. 27, when I first learned of the attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, I felt cold shivers. I worried the attacker was a Muslim," writes Turan Kayaoglu, a professor of international relations and the associate vice chancellor for research at the University of Washington Tacoma.
Seattle.Times  Jackson.School.International.Studies  Kayaoglu.Turan  UW:Tacoma  !UWitM  2018  regl 
8 weeks ago by uwnews
Analysis: Why space debris cleanup might be a national security threat | The Conversation
"As an international relations scholar who studies space law and policy, I have come to realize what most people do not fully appreciate: Dealing with space debris is as much a national security issue as it is a technical one," writes Saadia Pekkanen, professor of international studies at the UW.
Pekkanen.Saadia  The.Conversation  !UWitM  2018  natl  Jackson.School.International.Studies  opinion.analysis 
10 weeks ago by uwnews
UW faculty to discuss Pittsburgh shooting | KOMO 4
Several faculty members at the UW will gather Wednesday evening to discuss the recent shooting in Pittsburgh.
video  KOMO  !UWitM  2018  regl  Jackson.School.International.Studies  College:Arts&Sciences 
11 weeks ago by uwnews
'The Caravan' talk led by Jackson School director | KOMO Radio
Reşat Kasaba, director of the UW's Jackson School of International Studies, will moderate a panel discussion Monday evening on the "caravan" of people heading toward the U.S. border.
radio  KOMO  regl  !UWitM  2018  Kasaba.Resat  Jackson.School.International.Studies 
11 weeks ago by uwnews
UW's Jackson School Of International Studies to hold panel on migrant caravan | KNKX
Experts on Central America and immigration will discuss the caravan of migrants heading to the U.S. border in a panel discussion Monday evening at the University of Washington. The forum is being sponsored by the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Reşat Kasaba, director of the Jackson School, is quoted.
Jackson.School.International.Studies  !UWitM  2018  regl  KNKX  Kasaba.Resat 
11 weeks ago by uwnews
‘The Routes of Slavery’ traces a musical journey of resilience in the face of inhumanity | The Seattle Times
Joined by a global array of musicians, music researcher and virtuoso Jordi Savall traces the relevant story of the African diaspora and its musical legacy across centuries and continents in “The Routes of Slavery.” Monica Rojas-Stewart, assistant professor of Africa studies at the UW, is quoted.
Jackson.School.International.Studies  African.Studies.Program  !UWitM  2018  regl  Seattle.Times  Rojas-Stewart.Monica 
12 weeks ago by uwnews
Should I be afraid of election hacking? | Time
There’s more than one way to “hack” an election. Jessica Beyer, a lecturer of international studies at the UW, is quoted.
Beyer.Jessica  TIME  !UWitM  2018  natl  Jackson.School.International.Studies 
12 weeks ago by uwnews
How FDR charmed a Saudi king and won US access to oil | HISTORY
When Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Abdul Aziz ibn Saud on February 14, 1945 aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Suez Canal, it was the first time a U.S. president had ever met with a Saudi Arabian king, and the encounter laid a foundation for U.S.-Saudi relations that would continue for generations — and ensure U.S. access to Saudi oil reserves. Scott Montgomery, lecturer of international studies at the UW, is quoted.
Montgomery.Scott  !UWitM  2018  natl  History.com  Jackson.School.International.Studies 
october 2018 by uwnews
Opinion | Hawks will only drive South Korea away from America | Foreign Policy
"The recent three-day inter-Korean summit, the third of Moon’s term and the fifth ever, appears to have restarted stalled U.S.-North Korean talks," writes Clint Work, a doctoral candidate in international studies at the UW.
Work.Clint  Jackson.School.International.Studies  College:Arts&Sciences  !UWitM  2018  natl  Foreign.Policy  opinion.analysis 
october 2018 by uwnews
Opinion | What does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez think about the South China Sea? | The New York Times
"As the insurgent left wing of the Democratic Party captures headlines and wins votes, many of its supporters are coalescing around a growing set of policy priorities: universal health care, higher taxes on the rich, the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But when it comes to matters of war and peace and to America’s place in the world, the left is either silent or confused," writes Daniel Bessner, assistant professor of international studies at the UW.
Bessner.Daniel  !UWitM  2018  Jackson.School.International.Studies  natl  New.York.Times  opinion.analysis 
september 2018 by uwnews
Trump’s Space Force aims to create ‘American dominance in space’ by 2020 | Popular Science
In an announcement at the Pentagon on Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence and Defense Secretary James Mattis outlined the basic structure of the administration’s proposed Space Force. Saadia Pekkanen, director of the Space Security Initiative at the UW, is quoted.
Jackson.School.International.Studies  Pekkanen.Saadia  !UWitM  2018  natl  Popular.Science  College:Arts&Sciences 
august 2018 by uwnews
Peter Jackson | In Trump's America, Russian studies are more important than ever | Crosscut
Herb Ellison radiated kindness, as only certain professors do. Over a long career, he inspired a generation of University of Washington students and future Russianists, while examining the former Soviet Union through the prism of the Cold War and distilling the nuggets for U.S. lawmakers.
Crosscut  !UWitM  2018  regl  Jackson.School.International.Studies  Herbert.Ellison.Center  Ellison.Herb 
july 2018 by uwnews

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