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Iterm Themes - Color Schemes and Themes for Iterm2
Iterm2-color-schemes : A set of iTerm 2 color schemes/themes. Some schemes have been ported from Mac OSX's Terminal application
iterm  colorscheme 
23 days ago by oppara
tmux cheatsheet
iTerm2 integration (so you don’t have to learn any commands):
iterm  cli  tMux  cheatSheet 
29 days ago by Jswindle
Remote Shell Session Setup: iTerm2+tmux+mosh
Requirements and CommentsRequirements and CommentsInspired by My Remote Shell Session SetupMy work requires connecting to a few different hosts via ssh. Si...
iterm  mosh  ssh  tmux 
8 weeks ago by mattriffle
iTerm2 + zsh + oh-my-zsh The Most Power Full Terminal on macOS
If you want your terminal look like in the picture above. Come on, you’re the person who must worth to read this blog. and type “/plugin” (without quotes) press enter, type ‘i’ character and insert…
iterm  osx  zsh 
8 weeks ago by twleung

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