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Jelly Key - Artisan keycaps and Mechanical keyboards
Artisan keycaps is custom-made keycaps for mechanical keyboards, usually produced by a single person or small group of people. They are generally produced in small quantities which makes them very collectable and sometimes very expensive.
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december 2018 by lgarron
iPhone gives "Unable to move message" error when trying to delete an email - Spiceworks
TLDR Version:

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar (or whatever your version calls it)

Tap mail account in question (may have to do this on two screens in a row)

Tap account Info

Toggle Mail Option Slider -> Off

Check Mail app to confirm Account is Gone

Go back to Mail Settings Screen

Toggle Mail Option Slider -> ON

Check Mail app to confirm Account has Returned

Confirm newly synchronized mail looks correct

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september 2018 by jgear

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