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Pasta e Fagioli a la Omnivore (or Il Nostro Caro Angelo) – Experiments in my New World Kitchen and Garden
Made with 2 heads celery, 1.5 heads Garlic, two very large onions, 1 large can plum tomatoes. Cooking time approx 3 hours total. Would make slightly more watery next time.
recipe  food  cooking  Italian 
10 days ago by Iamjfred
Latin is dead—yet it also lives on
The evolution of Italian is a parable of how languages develop
language  latin  italian  linguistics  evolution 
17 days ago by coldbrain
Super Mario Wiki, l'enciclopedia indipendente italiana
La versione italiana della Super Mario Wiki: l'enciclopedia di informazioni su giochi e personaggi di Super Mario alla quale tutti possono contribuire...
italian  wiki  nintendo  mario 
25 days ago by dicewitch
5 Cool Italian Dishes To Eat This Summer
Summer is just around the corner, and the best way to celebrate a new season is with some delicious food! Learn about five cool Italian dishes that you should be eating this summer.
summer  italian  dessert 
26 days ago by Adventure_Web
Chicken Scampi Pasta Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network
Add some mushrooms to this and maybe even some spinach right at the end
Recipes  easy  weeknight  FN  pasta  Chicken  shrimp  mushroom  copycat  restaurant  Italian  scampi 
4 weeks ago by lala7625

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