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Corey Gil-Shuster - YouTube
Want to know what Israelis and Palestinians really think? Ask. Questions come from you, the viewers. Respondents are random people on the street. All respons...
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yesterday by zesteur
Did Camp David Doom the Palestinians? – Foreign Policy
Instead, Arafat repeatedly failed to condemn violence against Israelis and didn’t accept Resolution 242 until 1988, when he was trying to prove his relevance given the impact of the First Intifada—a grassroots uprising initiated and organized by ordinary Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, not by Arafat. That uprising forced Arafat to demonstrate his relevance, and later, having chosen the wrong side in backing Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, he was desperate to get back in the game and play a role in the Oslo process that produced his recognition of Israel in 1993.

Anziska’s book too often seems to absolve the Palestinians of any responsibility for their predicament. They were excluded but essentially because they chose to be—from 1977 until 1988. Arafat could have said yes to Carter or Reagan, but the lowest common denominator defined the PLO’s policies until the costs of irrelevance become too high.

Perpetuating the impression that the Palestinians are purely victims who played no part in their being victims, unfortunately, perpetuates the narrative that the conflict is everyone else’s fault. The Palestinians are not and have not been powerless to affect their reality. Regrettably, however, the sad truth is that at critical junctures, Palestinian leaders chose to say no and the Palestinian people have paid the price for their leaders’ rejection.

The idea of autonomy that originated at Camp David did not ensure that Palestinian statehood would be denied later on. After all, in December 2000, the Clinton parameters offered the Palestinians a viable state with 97 percent of the West Bank’s territory, 100 percent of the Gaza Strip, and a guaranteed corridor connecting the two; this would have been an independent state. Clinton administration negotiators, including me, presented the parameters at the request of both sides to bridge differences that they could not overcome; these parameters went well beyond what was on offer earlier that year. Still, in my presence, Arafat rejected the Clinton parameters.
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yesterday by sandykoe
MoA - Saudis Admit Khashoggi Murder - Offer Weak Cover-Up
An autopsy revealed that the Israeli's shot a member of the Gaza flotilla, Furkan Dogan, a 19 year old American, in the face at point blank range in what a UN enquiry determined was "An extrajudicial execution." There were no calls for sanctions against Israel or condemnation of any kind in the US. There was no coverage of the boys murder whatsoever in the US mass media. He had no connections to the US government and its media. He simply did not matter.
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2 days ago by foliovision
Revealed: Israel's cyber-spy industry helps world dictators hunt dissidents and gays • Israel News -
Hagar Shezaf and Jonathan Jacobson:
<p>the Israeli espionage industry has become the spearhead of the global commerce in surveillance tools and communications interception. Today, every self-respecting governmental agency that has no respect for the privacy of its citizens, is equipped with spy capabilities created in Herzliya Pituah.

The reports about Pegasus prompted Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg and human rights lawyer Itay Mack to go to court in 2016 with a request to suspend NSO’s export permit. At the state’s request, however, the deliberations were held in camera and a gag order was issued on the judgment. Supreme Court President Justice Esther Hayut summed up the matter by noting, “Our economy, as it happens, rests not a little on that export.”

The Defense Ministry benefits from the news blackout. Supervision takes place far from the public eye – not even the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee is privy to basic details of the lion’s share of Israel’s defense exports. Contrary to the norms that exist in other democracies, the ministry refuses to disclose the list of countries to which military exports are prohibited, or the criteria and standards that underlie its decisions.

A comprehensive investigation carried out by Haaretz, based on about 100 sources in 15 countries, had as its aim lifting the veil of secrecy from commerce based on means of espionage. The findings show that Israeli industry have not hesitated to sell offensive capabilities to many countries that lack a strong democratic tradition, even when they have no way to ascertain whether the items sold were being used to violate the rights of civilians.</p>
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
Iran sent Hezbollah advanced weapons to turn rockets into precision missiles, new flight data suggests | Fox News, Oct 19, 2018
American and western intelligence sources believe Iran has been increasing its shipments of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah, deliveries that now include Global Positioning System (GPS) components to make previously unguided rockets into precision guided-missiles, increasing the threat to Israel.

One of the Iranian flights arrived in Lebanon three days ago, officials tell Fox News.

Western sources told Fox News the weapons components from this week’s chartered 747 fight from Tehran were bound for these Hezbollah secret sites near the Beirut airport to target Israel in the future.
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3 days ago by elizrael
Israel Ministry of Defense (MOD) | Facilities | NTI
The Israeli Ministry of Defense owns and oversees Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Israel Military Industries (IMI). Rafael, IAI and IMI account for over seventy-percent of Israel's defense production. [1] The continued status of these defense firms as state-run enterprises is an ongoing source of debate.
4 days ago by randompundit

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